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Elektra #3 (of 5)

By Andy Frisk
May 31, 2009 - 16:11

Elektra, being treated by a night nurse after being dropped off for care by Foggy Nelson, before she can get dressed, has to save the nurse’s life and fight off one of her would be assassins out to claim the bounty on her head.  Bullseye saves her the trouble of dealing with the other mercenary though since he states, “No one gets to kill her but me.”  To which I state, “Haven’t you been there, done that?”  Whatever.  Meanwhile, Osborne tracks down the two Skrulls who experimented on Elektra during her time with them and manages to torture out the information he’s been looking for as to why the Skrulls took such and interest in her.



For a mini-series that started out pretty well, it really hasn’t gone anywhere.  Elektra is a cool, kick-butt character and this whole subplot of her importance to the Skrulls is interesting but it looks like the story is going to boil down to a Bullseye/Elektra fight again.  With the appearance of Foggy last issue, there was some hope maybe Matt Murdock and his alter ego weren’t far behind, thus truly getting the all the gang back together, but alas, it looks like we’re going to get Marvel’s favorite, “Quick! The book’s not selling so slap him on the cover!” character as a guest star next month.




It appears Elektra in her bra and panties won’t be enough to bolster sales so the merry mutant will have to show up.  Marvel can’t have Elektra run around nude so they’ll have to give us the next best thing, adamantium claws!  Well, at least they’ll look good as Mann’s pencils remain excellent and Bermejo’s covers continue to deliver, “I want that shot as a poster for my wall!” excellence as well.  A little more story momentum would help though, along with a Daredevil cameo instead of a Wolverine one.  But then again, even if Daredevil showed up, it’d be the same thing we’ve seen before all over again anyway.



Rating: 5 /10

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