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Drax: The Destroyer #1- 4

By Koncise
February 5, 2006 - 18:56

Drax #4
The crash of an interstellar prison transport spells big trouble for an isolated Alaskan town when Paibok the Power Skrull, Lunatik, the Blood Brothers and Drax the Destroyer come calling. It's not a social call. Oh... And you think you know Drax? Big, green and not all that bright; is that the Drax you're thinking about? You don't know Drax! The re-imagining of DRAX THE DESTROYER begins here!

OK, after Andy was kind enough to come over for a talk, I was definitely intrigued, so I went out and got me some Drax. This isn’t cosmic generic, Giffen, has taken the story to a different place. Well, Earth, but when I say different, I mean storywise, OK. You could call this a story of self discovery, merged with something like, errrr, a story with a plane crash (maybe Angle Flight Down). Even though this isn’t your typical cosmic story, it still doesn’t mean there’s a lack of action. We get plenty of fisticuffs, deaths and cannibalism….yep, y’heard it right. I haven’t got a clue about the Marvel Cosmic characters, so I went in knowing nothing. For the most part, this didn’t seem to matter. There were a few times I wondered about back story, but that’s probably just me being extra. I wasn’t completely blown away by the story, but it had good dialogue (even though the stunted speech got a little tiresome, for me) and character interaction. And we are left with a couple of interesting questions to wonder about. So……..Annihilation, anyone!

So the first impressions were real good. The cover to issue #1 has a dark moody air (thanks to Brian Reber’s colours) to it and when you open it up, the first few pages that greet you also reflect this tone. I thought we may have hit a hurdle though when we get our first Earth scene. As the little boy (Douglas Brenner) looks rather hollow, flat pencils and no depth to him. Lucky this is just a glitch, as for the most part everything else maintains the opening feel. One of the things that stand out is that Mitch Breitweiser does a really nice job of capturing Cammi’s rebellious nature, with extremely slight facial movements and her eyes. And Cory Petit’s new lettering for the alien languages was a nice touch.

Rating: C /10

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