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Drax The Destroyer Comes Back With Exclusive Creator

By The Editor
September 10, 2005 - 13:48

Though his name may not be immediately recognizable to many comic fans, Breitweiser is currently working on Marvel’s much-anticipated DRAX THE DESTROYER series with legendary high-profile writer Keith Giffen. Readers may previously be familiar with the artist’s unique delineations on AGENT X, NOBEL CAUSES, and his creator-owned project for Image, PHANTOM JACK (alongside writer and co-creator Mike San Giacomo.

The story of Breitweiser’s entry into the hallowed halls of Marveldom reads as a dream-come-true for many creators. “I was about an issue and a half into working on Drax when I had asked Marvel Editor, Andy Schmidt, what I could expect after the series wrapped up,” says the artist. “I was just trying to zero in on how open I needed to keep my options, and how active I needed to be in pursuing work from other companies. About a week later, and much to my surprise, Andy called me up and asked if I was interested in signing an exclusive.”

“I was completely floored.”

Drax The Destoryer Page 5
“Apparently he had been showing my artwork around the office, and from the top of editorial on down, the reaction was extremely positive. It was pretty surreal for a while. I mean, my book wasn't even close to coming out yet, and Joe Q(uesada) and the Editorial staff felt strongly enough about my work that they didn't even need to wait for the fan's reaction to the artwork. I still remain extremely flattered, and feel very blessed to be able to do this job that I love so much.”

Breitweiser’s fairly humble about his artwork, seeing potential for growth in his future with the House of Ideas. “My artwork has come a long way in the last year, but I believe that I still have a lot of room left to grow. I hope that fans of my art will enjoy watching me continue to develop as an artist. I know that I am going to enjoy the ride, and I am going to do my best to deliver a fresh style, exciting artwork, and quality books to fans.”

“I feel very at home working with Marvel, and would like to see that relationship continue even beyond the initial agreement.”

Joe Quesada gets down to brass tacks when citing Marvel’s commitment to giving newer artists like Breitweiser a substantial foundation for their artistic endeavors. “Hey, I’ve said it time and time again: Marvel’s here for these guys, the guys who show some real promise in their work and the stones to take on the big gun characters and stories. Our history, all the way back to Stan and Jack, is all about looking for real talent and giving the readers the best bang for their buck. Mitchell’s going to go far and Marvel wants to help him get there.”

“My eyes are always set on the next thing I am going to be working on, and how I can make it better than the work I did two months ago,” reflects Breitweiser. “I know that fans will appreciate an artist that is always moving forward, trying new things, perfecting his craft, and continuing to bring new and exciting things to comics.”

Drax The Destoryer Page 15
“In regards to my future. I obviously hope to continue doing this for quite a while. I am a pretty ambitious guy, and I am very committed to climbing to the top of the business. That's one of the things I love about the comic book business. It lends itself to this very Ayn Rand'ish type of survival of the fittest career.”

The artist pauses, picturing in his mind’s eye what next lies in store for his with Marvel. “As far as the immediate future goes, Andy called me up to discuss my next project a couple of weeks ago. It is definitely going to be a HUGE step up for me, and I am extremely excited about it.”

Drax The Destoryer Page 20
Not to get too serious about it all, which Marvel character would Breitweiser most like to run into in his favorite neighborhood bar? “I hate to give the cliché answer, but I would be so cool to have a drink with Wolverine. Seriously, how many times has Wolvy walked into a bar and NOT gotten into a fight? As long as I was on his side of the fight, it would be fun. If I had to give you a more creative answer, it would be Black Widow. How cool would it be to make a pass at her in a bar, have her belittle you in that sexy Russian accent, and then knock you out cold? Ah...good times.”

Mitchell Breitweiser will be knocking all of his fans out with his upcoming work on DRAX THE DESTROYER, debuting in late September. Further news of future Marvel projects will be found on, where else, Visit soon, visit often.

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