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The New Brighton Archeological Society Volume II is on Kickstarter!

By The Editor
October 29, 2010 - 02:00

The New Brighton Archeological Society is the Harvey Award Nominated all ages graphic novel published by Image Comics. We are giving away items to raise money for the coloring, lettering, and production costs for New Brighton Archeological Society Volume II.

The second volume of New Brighton Archeological Society will take about $8,000 for coloring and production. The artwork for The New Brighton Archeological Society Volume II is just incredible and we look forward to making the second book possible. There are many great incentives on the right side of the page to choose from and your support is greatly appreciated.

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"NBAS is such a great book - it appeals to a really wide audience. And unlike some comic books targeted at kids, it doesn’t treat kids as fragile or unintelligent. All the main characters in New Brighton Archeological Society are very young, but also very capable." Wired's Geek Dad Blog

"It's great for younger comics fans looking for heroes who aren't wearing spandex. He also tosses in enough fantasy elements, including dragons, goblins, a giant frog and a magical slug, to pique the imagination." -Washington Post

"The New Brighton Archeological Society by Mark Andrew Smith and Matthew Weldon is one of the very best all ages graphic novels in years. It proves that there can be an outlet to introduce kids to the world of picture-based story telling without pandering to them or horrifying their innocent sensibilities." Boing Boing

"To build this world Smith put a brilliant spin on past literature ranging from children’s tales like Peter Pan, fantasy lore like Lord of the Rings and even a nice smattering of some tales from eastern cultures. Despite the fact I had read most of the source of material, his imaginative take on telling these tales through the eyes of a child made all of the concepts feel as fresh and exciting for me as a reader as they were for the new Brighton Archeologists." Ain't it Cool News

"Mark Andrew Smith and Matthew Weldon have all the ingredients for success in "New Brighton": a spunky group of kids with lots of free time, a wild world ripe for exploration, fantastic creatures culled from various faerie tales, and dangers that manage to be scary without being truly terrifying. It's the sort of book we're quite certain we'd love when we were little, but get a kick out of reading now, too." Rick Marshall of MTV'S SPLASH PAGE

"I want to live in the world Smith writes. He’s also got a fantastic imagination and has created a fun world full of good goblins, evil faeries, man-eating housecats, evil treasure-hunters, sprawling mansions, enchanted estates, horrible monsters, secret rooms, and hidden libraries full of forbidden knowledge. And it’s up to four pre-adolescent kids to navigate their way safely through all of it in order to preserve their families’ legacies." Robot 6 @Comic Book Resources

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