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Green Hornet and Kato comics in July!

By The Editor
May 10, 2010 - 12:14

Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #1 was such a hit that it helped propel Dynamite Entertainment as the fifth largest publisher in comics for the month of March.  With the re-orders on Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #1 continuing through out the month, GH #1 catapulted to the #20 spot of the top 100 books in March in units and #11 in dollars.  In July, following the death of the original Green Hornet, Britt Reid, the Green Hornet franchise continues with its flagship book, Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #5!  The official prequel to the upcoming hit Green Hornet movie arrives with Green Hornet: Parallel Lives #1!  The new Kato's adventure continues with Kevin Smith's Kato #4!  The origin of the original Green Hornet marches on in The Green Hornet Year One #4, and the story of Kato's origin continues with Kato Origins #3 Way of the Ninja!  The story of the future Green Hornet carried on with The Green Hornet Strikes! #3!  Lastly, Green Hornet Golden Age Re-Mastered #1 reprints classic adventures of the Green Hornet!

Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #5 is written by Kevin Smith and drawn by Jonathan Lau, with covers by Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Joe Benitez, and Stephen Segovia!  The adventure continues! It's all been leading to this as Britt Jr. has made his momentous decision last issue to continue the legacy of his father and become the Green Hornet anew! With a pair of Kato's at his side, does crime stand a chance? Well, yeah, because Britt has a lot to learn as you'll see in this issue!  From the unproduced screenplay by fan-favorite Kevin Smith, featuring the careful had of Phil Hester and artist Jonathan Lau! And check out that strong of all-star covers!

Green Hornet: Parallel Lives #1 is written by Jai Nitz and drawn by Nigel Raynor, with a cover by Paul Renaud.  Dynamite adds another one! This time around, Dynamite is the only place to read the story before the story of The Green Hornet! Only, this is an official prelude to the upcoming movie starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou and the Green Hornet and Kato!  How does one man's actions affect another man's?  Either purposely or inadvertently.  Or is it just destiny?  This series shows how Britt Reid's actions lead to Kato coming in contact with the Green Hornet and the pair becoming the Green Hornet and Kato.  The lead up and origin of one of the first teams in comics! Featuring incredible covers by Paul (RED SONJA) Renaud!

Kevin Smith's Kato #4 is written by Ande Parks and drawn by Åle Garza, with covers by Joe Benitez, Åle Garza, and Johnny Desjardins!  Mulan and the Black Hornet have retreated to their respective camps to prepare for their ultimate confrontation. With Kato at her side, does the Black Hornet stand a chance against this fearsome new hero? Written by Ande Parks, the action from this series leads directly into the Kevin Smith's Green Hornet comic book series from Dynamite and features an all-star array of cover artists!

The Green Hornet Year One #4 is written by Matt Wagner and drawn by Aaron Campbell, with covers by John Cassaday and Francesco Francavilla!  The origin of the original team of crime-fighters continues! Set in the golden age of comics and history, writer Matt Wagner weaves a tale of action and adventure unlike anything else seen on the comic racks! Add in the exquisite art of Aaron Campbell and Francesco Francavilla, and you have the perfect companion to the modern day adventures of the Green Hornet from Kevin Smith and Dynamite! Our tale is split across time, following both Britt and Kato developing into the men they would become and the adventures they formed together as the Green Hornet and Kato!

Kato Origins #3 Way of the Ninja is written by Jai Nitz and drawn by Colton Worley, with covers by Colton Worley and Francesco Francavilla!  Look out! Kato is on his own as he tracks down a murderer and finds himself caught among the intrigue and danger of wartime America and the Japanese and Nazi are on the mainland! Now, in addition to the murderer he's trailing, Kato is onto bigger game - spies and saboteurs!

The Green Hornet Strikes! #3 is written by Brett Matthews and drawn by Ariel Padilla, with a cover by John Cassaday!  Chicago's turf war has a new player... and its greatest hero. THE GREEN HORNET AND KATO. But the Hornet is hunted, untested, and untrained... will he survive under the pressures of the criminal world around him?  Dynamite's ambitious Green Hornet comic books don't get much more ambitious than this, the ultimate tale of the Green Hornet! Featuring covers by John Cassaday and the writing of Brett Matthews along with artist Ariel Padilla!

Green Hornet Golden Age Re-Mastered #1 is based on stories by Fran Striker and drawn by Bert Whitman Associates, with a cover by Joe Rubenstein.  A new series of Golden Age reprints featuring the classic adventures of the original Green Hornet! Each issue in  this new series of classic Hornet material is 40 big pages, featuring stories all inspired by the man who started it all Fran Striker! Completely re-mastered for today's discerning reader and collector, Dynamite has also commissioned Joe Rubenstein to create brand-new covers, inspired by the golden Age comics of yesteryear!

"July is a big month in the Green Hornet Universe," says Dynamite Entertainment President Nick Barrucci.  "With the building anticipation for the upcoming Green Hornet motion picture, we have the opportunity to give our fans access to great new Green Hornet stories as well as the archives of the Green Hornet, matching up with all of our fantastic Green Hornet and Kato comic book releases!  We are giving our fans everything they'd ever want and more!"

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