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Black Canary

By Hervé St.Louis
Mar 15, 2005 - 10:00

When DCDirect released the Hard Travelling Heroes Black Canary action figure along with a Neal Adam-like Green Lantern and the bronze Age Green Arrow, it highlighted the best second string characters from one of DC Comics' most acclaimed publishing history. As such, the description on the card saying that the Black Canary was the most head turning member of the Justice League was right. At the time, this figure was stunning.


This figure is an exact look alike of the Bronze Age Black Canary drawn by artists like Neal Adams or Dick Giordano. Unlike the character that first appeared in Flash Comics #76 in 1947, this figure sports no mask. As opposed to modern portrayal of the character since her 1990s series and the Green Arrow series by Mike Grell, her fishnet stockings are dark blue. DCDirect switched the colours of her bolero and her gym suit from blue to black. Normally, her bolero should be blue, while her suit, black.


This sculpt is great, although Tim Bruckner has preposed the figure and her head, compared with current DCDirect action figures looks too big. Nevertheless, the Black Canary looks as if she were about to kick some butts and shout a powerful sonic cry at her opponents. Her preposed legs are what ruin this figure for many. Her exchangeable secret identity Dinah Lance head is plain but has the same facial features.


The paint job is excellent. Her blond hairs have dark and light hues covering the base yellow paint. DCDirect has toned her thighs, making her fishnet stockings more interesting. The sculpted fishnet patterns have black paint to delineate her pantyhose. The fishnets stockings' colours are darker than the light blue traditionally used in the comics. The paint in her hair and the knuckles of her fists chips easily after a few years.


Next to the Hard Travelling Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Power Girl, the Black Canary action figure looks swell. However, next to some JSA action figures such as the Flash, Hourman or JLA figures like the Silver Age Batman, her head makes her look out of scale. Her body. Surprisingly, fits well. She does not fit at all next to the Birds of Prey Black Canary, the Huntress and Oracle. That's too bad.


Black Canary is one of the early DCDirect action figures that has always suffered from severe stability problems. I have drilled two holes in each foot to put her on action figure stands. This is a suitable solution for a brief period at best. The weight of the figure on top her thin ankles bend her knees after a while. Five years after I purchased this figure, it will not stand at all. It's a serious problem with this figure.


Black Canary has seven articulations at the neck, the shoulders, the elbows and the hips. Her hips' articulations are the v-shaped type. Her legs can go up and down, but it doesn't work with the figure's sculpt. These articulations are only useful if one attempts to stabilize the figure. Black Canary's hair limits her neck articulation, although on the alternate Dinah Lance head, this is not a problem.


Made of heavy PVC, Black Canary's weight will deform her ankles after a few years. Freezing the figure or boiling may be necessary to replace her ankles and feet into place. Black Canary's nonremovable jacket consists of softer PVC.


Black Canary comes with a Dinah Lance head and a short skirt made of fabrics with a button. Inserting the skirt and exchanging the head gives us a secret identity Dinah Lance action figure.


The figure came in a card package with images of Green Arrow and Green Lantern on the card's front with a countryside highway. The card's back has images of other DCDirect action figures and a short bio.


At the time, many stores sold this figure for $12. As a peg warmer, its price may have fallen. Price not being flexible, some stores sold this figure for up to $25.


This figure was re-offered several times by DCDirect. It seemed that the company ordered more than the early stock stores and collectors wanted. For many years, obtaining this figure was very easy. As the figure has a bad reputation because of her head's size and lack of stability, it was never very popular. Initially, many fans who started their DCDirect collections early purchased it, but newer fans rarely hunt get this figure.

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