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Wonder Woman #25

By Hervé St-Louis
Jul 2, 2017 - 12:54


Wonder Woman suffers from emotional imbalance after losing her magic lasso and her male friends Batman and Superman worry about her mental well-being. They advise her to seek help for her condition with the Greek Gods she calls her patrons.

I will miss reviewing Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman. He has written a great series that I have had much pleasure criticizing philosophically. There were many philosophical flaws along the way. Rucka never rose to the challenge of playing with and exploring what truth means and how through Wonder Woman, this concept could be moulded to tell invigorating stories. He barely skimmed the surface. I think that any writer who writes Wonder Woman should have deep knowledge of Greek philosophy and not just about the classics as they pertain to Greek myths and gods.


In his last issue, Rucka proves that he doesn’t understand truth by giving Wonder Woman figurative premenstrual syndrome (PMS) by having her behave weirdly as she is without her magic lasso of truth. Without the lasso pinning her mentally, she becomes erratic and with less control of her abilities. This worries Batman and Superman to such an extent that they have to give her the talk.

Now, I know that Rucka probably did not intend to write Wonder Woman with PMS issues. At least, I hope that he did not. But this is the story he wrote. I dislike that story. Wonder Woman is a woman. I guess she has bad days. But to use her magic lasso and have her male buddies give her the talk seems to me like a negation of who she is as a woman and what she represents to the world within the comics and outside. Many of you may disagree with my interpretation of this story but I will stick with it. In his finale on Wonder Woman, Rucka wrote a story about how she is erratic when she deals with PMS.

Even the great art by Liam Sharp and Bilquis Evely will not make me forget what a stupid story Rucka wrote about Wonder Woman. It could have been so much more.

Rating: 4 /10

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