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Thor the Mighty Avenger #6

By Hervé St-Louis
December 20, 2010 - 23:40

Thor finds his way back to Asgard but on his way there is stopped by fellow Asgardian Heimdall. Heimdall has been assigned by Odin to guard the entry to Asgard from Thor at any cost. Will Heimdall and Thor break their old friendship while the former attempts to stop the former from entering his birthplace?

Ok, I’ll deal with it in the first line. Heimdall is black and a Scandinavian god. Doesn’t mesh with “reality” and the history books. Why is an Asgardian black? We know by now that Heimdall is also black in the upcoming Thor movie. Is Marvel trying to pull another Nick Fury? Is Marvel Comics trying to be politically correct with Thor. Isn’t there one Marvel Comics property safe from this will to represent America in comic books?

Ok. Here’s the flipside now. Yeah, Marvel Comics making Heimdall black is directly linked to the upcoming Thor movie. It keeps everything consistent. Further, just because the Norwegians and other Scandinavians adopted the Asgardians as their God, doesn’t mean that the gods themselves were of Asgardian origin. The myth of Thor, and the Asgardian pantheon seems to have been spread further than the Scandinavians. There are many parallels with other deities. What Marvel Comics is doing is proving that the Thor in the comic books is no longer just a Norwegian or a Swede. He’s a god from some other world which happens to include black folks too. Heck, some of the creatures such as the frost giants have been depicted with blue skin and no one ever complained about that. 

Ok. Debate closed. Let’s move on to the story. There is a lesson for Thor to learn in this issue and it’s that Midgard also known as Earth matters a lot. And on Midgard, there is a special lady waiting for Thor. It’s amazing that they only kissed this issue. The story is simple with a clear message. But I liked it. This series continues to be the best introduction to Thor and the most riveting and kids-friendly super hero comic book I’ve read in years. I’d gladly let all the kids in my life read this series. They would probably enjoy it too, without feeling that it had been dumb down for them, like much of juvenile comic books these days.

I don’t know what else to say about Samnee. He’s the best artist for this series. It’s because of him that’s it’s so good. I like the way the character has real expressions in this comic book. The storytelling and pacing is excellent. Thor actually smiles so much that it’s refreshing. I can’t get enough of this series. It,s my favourite read from Marvel Comics these days.

Rating: 10 /10

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