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Thor God of Thunder #11 Review

By Andy Frisk
Aug 20, 2013 - 20:49

Gorr the God Butcher has finally managed to explode his Godbomb, a weapon that will wipe every existing god out of existence for all time. The Trinity of Thors, and the Avenger Thor in particular will not go quietly into that dark night though. In fact, Avenger Thor manages to protect the remaining god of the Marvel U by absorbing the power of the Godbomb within himself. Possessed by that dark power, will Avenger Thor manage not only to protect Old King Thor and young Thor, but bring Gorr's reign of deicide to an end? By the strength of two Mjolnirs, he just may...

While Jason Aaron's "The God Butcher" and "Godbomb" sagas might have dragged  on just a little too long, the final chapter of the overarching tale, titled "The Last Prayer," definitely made the journey worth it. While Aaron doesn't really engage in the bitingly delicious satire that he drenched his early Marvel Comics' works in anymore, he still manages to deliver superhero tales that are leaps and bounds above his peers' in the action and drama departments. His run on Thor God of Thunder has been nothing short of spectacular thus far and will easily take its rightful place up there with the all time great Thor runs by Walter Simonson and J. Michael Straczynski, and even though it wasn't as sarcastically stinging as some of his earlier Ghost Rider work was, it was full of smart and subtle satire on religion and humanity's penchant for worshiping beings that live in the sky, under the ground, or in between the flashes of lightning and roars of accompanying thunder. " The God Butcher" and "Godbomb" are tales worthy of the prestige format treatment, and hopefully will be soon.

Speaking of prestige formats, the jaw droppingly beautiful artwork of Esad Ribic, who has accompanied Aaron throughout his stint on Thor God of Thunder, is some of the most beautiful sequential artwork currently being done. Ribic's pencils and Ive Svorcina's colors are a match made in Valhalla, and rarely have we seen as realistic a looking Thor than we have here. Not only is their work beautiful, it is also dark and frightening at points where needed, as well. All around, each page and panel are a feast for the eyes.

So while Aaron has wrapped up his opening salvo in his run on Thor God of Thunder, it appears he isn't finished putting Thor through the ringer yet, as in the next issue "Thor returns to Midgard" and is "Earthbound and Down." I personally can't wait to see what Aaron and Ribic have in store for us next.


Rating: 9.5 /10

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