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The Thanos Imperative - Ignition

By Victor Kutsenok
June 17, 2010 - 20:44

Good day comic book fans and aficionados. My name is Victor Kutsenok and I am an avid reader and collector of comic books for over 25 years so my words are from the heart.

I have just finished reading The Thanos Imperative - Ignition and my cosmic juices are flowing. The book starts with Thanos (cue doomsday music), talking. He is giving a basic recap of his life and death. (For those who are unaware, Thanos was killed by Drax the Destroyer during the Annihilation War.) He has just recently been resurrected in Guardians of the Galaxy and is currently their captive. We pan out to realize that Thanos is being mind probed by some Guardian telepaths. The Guardians are deciding what to do with him. Meanwhile, Nova is chasing the fake Quasar from the cancerverse (I'll explain this later). The real Quasar, along with Guardian, the new Shi'ar emperor, the Inhuman royal family, new rulers of the Kree, and Blastaar, king of the Negative Zone, (lots of royalty here folks) are on their way to help Nova. Nova chases fake Quasar into a Universal Church of truth ship where he is confronted by Adam Magus, who is Adam Warlock's darker half. Battle ensues until Adam Magus does something evil, causing the fault in space created during War of Kings, to finally rip open allowing the cancerverse to enter our system. Everyone feels the blast, especially Thanos, who breaks his bonds. Meanwhile. Adam Magus and  cancerQuasar are confronted by the ruler of the cancerverse, Lord Mar-Vell. (end doomsday music)

There is also a short reprint of an old Thanos/Drax story. Very interesting insight into the two character's personalities.
Now let me tell you, I am getting excited. This is cosmic storytelling at its finest. The art is impeccable and the action is non-stop. This book is the culmination of a bunch of old storylines that have been going on in the cosmic marvel titles. For those of you looking for a great read, go back to the Annihilation Saga and read from there. To sum up, Annihilus, former leader of the Negative Zone, tried to take over our world, and lost. Vulcan, the third Summers Brother, became the new Shi'ar Emperor. Black Bolt became the new Kree ruler. They fought in War of Kings. Black bolt used his voice to decimate the Shi'ar, supposedly killing himself and Vulcan in the process. The result causde a tear in space that was named the Fault. The Guardians of the Galaxy and the Nova Corps were guarding the fault and occasionally traveling inside it. What they found was a world where death is no more. Nothing can die. And because nothing can die, there is no more room in the cancerverse to expand. They want our world now and they plan on taking it and killing all opposition. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are laying out an excellent story that anyone not overly familiar with what has been occurring in the past can get into. Brad Walker's art is clean and classic. And Thanos is back. Thanos, people. Cosmic cube wielding, Infinity Gauntlet holding, mad titan who worships death and has pretty much decimated the Marvel Universe on multiple occasions. Prepare for cosmic war.

Overall, I would rate this book a 9 out of 10. It has all the elements of a great old school Jim Starlin space saga with lots of oh so cool moments to look forward to. Plus it introduces some new characters, ties up some hanging story lines, and makes you want to pick up the next issue to see what happens. (Trust me people, you will want to see. Thanos to the rescue baby.) That's my opinion folks. Take it or leave it.

Rating: 9 /10

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