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Review: The Terrifics #1


By Philip Schweier
February 28, 2018 - 04:39

Meet the Terrifics. See, there’s Mr. Terrific, a scientific genius; Metamorpho, a malformed adventurer; Plastic Man, a wise-cracking irreverent hero who cn stretch his body into all manner of forms; and Linnya Wazzo, a girl who can turn into a phantom-like being. And they’ve gone into an other-worldly dimension known as the Dark Multiverse.

Does any of this sound the least bit familiar?

Never mind any similarities to other comic book properties, the series seems rests on familiar ground. Metamorpho has YET AGAIN allowed himself to be used and abused by Simon Stagg, while his love Sapphire (Simon’s daughter) is STILL hopelessly devoted to her daddy. The only refreshing part of this property is formerly-frozen caveman Java, who comes across not nearly as stupid as he has in the past. Either he’s learning, or it’s all been a put-on from the beginning.

Linnya Wazzo is reference to Phantom Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes, whom last I saw was in a rather similar environment than the one Mr. Terrific finds her in. She comments that time works rather funny where she is, so why they created a Phantom Girl variant is beyond me.

And then there’s Plastic Man, whose abilities are so similar to a comic book character published by another company, as well as Metamorpho, I have to wonder why they didn’t throw in Ralph Dibny at the same time.

The chapter ends with a remarkable surprise, one that may have repercussions throughout the DC Universe.

As for art, fans of Neal Adams will either be overjoyed or extremely dismayed. The art is so similar to Adams that it straddles the line between respectful homage and blatant rip-off. It’s not the first time Adams style has been co-opted by others, and won’t be the last. If the art team can maintain the style so it appears to be drawn by not-Adams, more power to them. Otherwise, I think they would do well to find their own way.

Rating: 4 /10

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