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Solomon Grundy # 2 (of 7)

By Koppy McFad
April 29, 2009 - 03:38


Solomon Grundy, DC Comic's resident undead monster, is given a chance to end his cycle of death and rebirth but instead of taking advantage of this, he is rampaging through Gotham City, where he just happens to run into Bizarro, the twisted duplicate of Superman.

This is a comic that is written and drawn by an artist and again, the art side overpowers the story. This book opens with Grundy duking it out with the Demon Etrigan. Then we move to Grundy's human counterpart Cyrus Gold murdering a pair of junk dealers. More killings follow while Green Lantern Alan Scott tries to track down Grundy and the source of his curse. The transitions in the comic are still too abrupt. One moment, Cyrus Gold is lying helpless on a beach. A few panels later, he is murdering some fellow in his own living room. Is Gold some sort of spree killer that he practically kills for no good reason? This isn't clear. There are some clues introduced, such as a look at Gold's harsh childhood and a mystery benefactor who may have brought his curse upon him. But the transformations of Gold to Grundy and back, appear to be almost as random as the murders they commit. 

The art however is a lot of fun and the story, when it is built around the art, is entertaining. Grundy and Bizarro have a truly gigantic battle with clipped, absurd dialogue that is highly amusing. Surprisingly, the battle ends on a comedic note and the issue ends with us feeling sorry for poor Bizarro.

There is clearly a good story going on this comic but with half the book devoted to characters committing random acts of violence, there just simply isn't enough space for the story to be told.



Rating: 7 /10

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