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Masters of the Universe Classics Moss Man by Mattel Toys

By Randy Herkowitz
Apr 23, 2010 - 16:44

For those not already familiar with Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics series', Mattel Toys and designers, The Four Horsemen have brought back all the great characters from my childhood with new amazing sculpts and details.  The "Classics" series has also become one of the most frustrating toy lines to collect.  They are only available on Mattel's website.  Each new action figure is available for sale usually on the 15th of every month and often sells out before the day is done.  In the case of the newest figure in the series, Moss Man, he sold out within mere minutes upsetting nearly the entire community or at least those who were not able to order one.  Fortunately for me, I was able to nab one.
To date, I have been able to acquire all the action figures from the Masters of the Universe Classics line that I have wanted and to my surprise, each one has been better than the last in almost every way.  Moss Man is a unique situation because he was designed as a bit of a gimmick both back in the 1980's and is still now with the new action figure.  If you are not already familiar with Moss Man's roots, he was a green repaint of the popular Beast Man character.  However, he was flocked in green (moss like fur) and smelled like pine.  Mattel has kept the new Moss Man true to his origins but this time around he includes both a head of a repainted Beast Man and one of an all new original sculpt.  I, without question prefer the new head sculpt.  The Beast Man head works well with its primal scream expression but the new head really captures the feeling I get when I think of a creature living in the forest that controls plant life.  The body is the same as your standard "Classics" action figure but of course,  it is covered with mossy fur that does hide much of the details in the sculpt.
Mattel did an excellent job with the flocking of the fur.  I was fearful that the fur pieces would easily fall off the action figure but they appear to be well attached.  Also, the decision to avoid flocking in and near the articulated joints was a good one.   The other unusual feature on this action figure is the pine fresh smell.  It is a rather potent smell.  The moment I opened up the package, the pungent smell of pine filled the room.  I have since gotten used to it.  Moss Man would be put to great use hanging from the rear view mirror of my car.

Moss Man includes some pretty cool accessories:  a staff and a shoulder strap with a knife.  They are very intricately detailed for accessories.  They are covered with vines that have a nice array of paint applications which make up for the few colors throughout the action figure itself.  
Moss Man is an incredibly difficult toy to obtain and like the rest of the Masters of the Universe Classics action figures, a tad bit too expensive.  Nevertheless, Moss Man is an awesome addition to this growing collection and one that comes recommended for those who are fans of the warriors and creatures that inhabit the world of Eternia.

Rating: 9 /10

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