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Justice League #1 – Not Bad

By Hervé St-Louis
September 2, 2011 - 07:24

This is the first issue of the rebooted DC Comics’ universe with the Justice League established as the premiere series from this new era. While Batman is hunting a illegal alien that has landed in Gotham City, he gets some assistance from Green Lantern Hal Jordan. They decide that their real target should be Superman, the best known alien on Earth. But capturing him won’t be easy, as super heroes are not trusted by people in this world.

Before you read my review, I strongly encourage you to read that of my Comic Book Bin colleagues Dan Horn and Andy Frisk. They have very distinctive opinions about this series and what it means. Justice League #1 is a set up issue that introduces readers to a new world where super heroes are not as trusted. Super heroes themselves have not met each other very often and every encounter is a novel affair. Hal Jordan here is his cocky self as usual. He rushes into action quickly and underestimates Batman at every opportunity. I like how he’s so confident that he doesn’t notice Batman stealing his ring. Batman’s thievery was shown off screen but still works well. So far the story is simple. After a brief misunderstanding they decide to seek Superman and capture him. You can feel that Batman was swept up by Green Lantern’s enthusiasm and didn’t even have a chance to say no before being put into a gaudy and glowing green aircraft. What I like was the entry of the heroes in Metropolis and how their approaches differ. While Batman would have preferred something more discreet, Green Lantern has no problem rushing in in plain sight, which could potentially alert the authorities chasing them and Superman. So far, it’s all interesting. We only see Vic Stone, the future Cyborg and none of the other Justice League members.

I wonder how DC Comics will introduce the other teams and other concepts of their universe the following month so closely after  Justice League #1 which has not even assembled a full team. I’ll worry about that later though. My one concern is for the Martian Manhunter who in this world will not be a founding member of the Justice League. I guess two aliens feared by society could not share the same book.

Visually, it’s classic Jim Lee. His work is a bit confusing here. Usually it’s so crisp and clean. One concern is that I don’t like how all the heroes redesign seem to have shoulder pads. Remember in the 1990s when jackets were all the rage; or in the 1980s when bandanas were de rigueur; or in the 2000s when seams on costumes were the new chic? Some more creativity and divergent designs please.

Rating: 8.5 /10

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