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Justice League of America # 21

By Koppy McFad
May 28, 2008 - 04:57


Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman meet in secret while Hawkgirl and Red Arrow battle the Human Flame and Libra.

This issue sets up the big "Final Crisis" event, bringing two forgotten villains, Libra and the Human Flame, to the forefront. The discussion between the 'Trinity'-- as DC Comics is now calling the big three-- mostly focuses on Vixen and her new ability to steal other heroes' powers. But aside from making us aware of the extent of the problem, all this talking does not advance the subplot much and actually make Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman seem rather underhanded, talking behind their fellow heroes' backs as if they were the cool kids in high school.

The fight with the Human Flame is a good diversion, showcasing the characters abilities, his limitations and his rather unique personality, a mixture of hurt pride and realism about his situation. He almost seems sympathetic.  The Human Flame's response to Lex Luthor's jibes shows a lot more wit and moxie than most superheroes have been displaying lately. He may not be a world-beater but he is intriguing.

The art is well-drafted, making for a very comprehensible story that is easy to follow even if it largely consists of dialogue. Of course, since much of the story consists of the 'Trinity' sitting around a table, the art team doesn't really have much to work with. The inker and colorist do bring out some depth to Pacheco's usual work.  






Rating: 7 /10

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