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Justice League: Cry for Justice # 5 (of 7)

By Koppy McFad
November 29, 2009 - 02:22


The feuding factions of the Justice League finally get together-- but this only opens them up to a new, more deadly attack.

   The cover of this issue shows Shazam-- Freddy Freeman-- in a romantic kiss with Supergirl. Nothing resembling this actually happens in this issue. In fact, this issue largely consists of characters threshing out their personal conflicts while they introduce new characters-- namely those who will be added to the main JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA book in a few months.

   It really looks like the contents of this book were re-written to accomodate editorial changes-- and that they simply neglected to come up with a new cover in the meantime. Wonder Girl, Starfire and the Guardian are introduced to the story, almost casually. Meanwhile, Batwoman-- who was touted as being a major part of this new team-- appears via a videoscreen. The whole idea of a distinct "CRY FOR JUSTICE" team set up by Hal Jordan, has vanished.

   Like previous issues of this miniseries, this comic is bit short on action. Instead the characters try to figure things out until the unexpected villain makes his move. Some readers actually prefer Robinson's dialogue and his character interaction rather than his plots and action. Others think his word-heavy style is a form of story-padding and is simply boring. For those who like dialogue, well let us just say that in this issue, it is heartfelt and makes it easier to understand the characters. That may be enough for some readers. It won't be enough for others.

   The art is a nice blend of painted and drawn styles, giving the book a very lush, overflowing look to it while still keeping the characters looking very dynamic. Too bad that so many characters spend their time just standing around and talking. The scenes of Batwoman and Odd Man (?!) in battle look quite good and give us only a taste of what this book could be.


Rating: 6.5 /10

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