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JLA/the 99 # 1 (of 6)

By Koppy McFad
November 6, 2010 - 02:05


Ordinary people are suddenly going berserk and it appears aliens from space may be responsible. This forces the JLA to team up with the 99 to get to the bottom of things. But it is an entirely cooperative team up, without the obligatory introductory fist-fight. There seems to be mutual admiration between the two groups of heroes and there isn't even the usual friction that one would see in say, a team-up between the JLA and the Outsiders.

The story doesn't seem to be set in any particular continuity. Superman, Batman Hawkman and Wonder Woman-- in her new costume-- are all League members and no one makes any mention of events in other DC comics.

To those who haven't heard of them, the 99 were created to showcase Islamic virtues and present the world with positive, modern, Muslim heroes. Well, in this issue, the Islamic background of the 99 isn't really focused upon. In fact, the 99 themselves seem to be kept in the background. They do a few superheroic feats but they are overshadowed by the League. The scenes of Superman going to the rescue, of Flash speeding around or of Hawkman soaring in the air, are far more striking than the panels with the 99-- none of whom really make an impression.

This issue gives us barely enough to get us interested. The mystery could have been more compelling and the 99 could have been used better to get our attention. You get the impression that this comic is just another issue of the JLA with these new characters shoe-horned in at the last minute.

The art is typical-- nice, clean, detailed, but it also doesn't stand out, which is a drawback for a story which is suppose to introduce the 99 to a whole new audience. Again, the scenes of the JLA in action are the best of the issue. Maybe it is simply a case of the writers and artists being more familiar with the Justice League than they are with these newcomers.

Rating: 6.5 /10

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