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Review: Gotham Academy Second Semester #6


By Philip Schweier
Feb 8, 2017 - 7:34

We all had that friend in school – the one we liked, and maybe admired a little. Then we began to notice them wandering down an unhealthy path. Maybe they took up smoking, and hanging around the kids our parents warned us about. And if we didn’t have that friend, well, maybe it because we WERE that friend.

So it saddens me to see Olive, who is probably my favorite of the Gotham Academy kids, turning to the dark side. Not out and out villainy, but this could be the start.

MEANWHILE… there’s Colton, who’s about to be expelled. Fine, I don’t mind seeing him go. He reminds me of a kid I knew in school who always put on a sham of a front. Lots of attitude, but it was paper thin shell that barely masked his overall vulnerability. I wouldn’t mind if he was one of the other, but being both smacks of fraud.

MEANWHILE… the Pommeline, who is trying very hard to uncover the secret behind some mysterious symbols located around campus. Unfortunately, someone has beaten her to it, and is determined to protect his discovery from anyone who may wish to interfere. Matters may boil to a head sooner rather than later.

Like previous issues of Gotham Academy, the artwork is stellar. Unfortunately, I have found the story somewhat confusing. When this story arc ends, I expect to sit down and read it in its entirety in a single sitting. I am hopeful this will help answer some of my questions. One month is just too long of a wait for me with this series, perhaps due to the large cast. Had I picked up the book when it first launched, and got to know the characters one at a time, I may not feel this way.

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