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G.I. Joe: Resolute. Not Your Father's G.I. Joe

By Randy Herkowitz
June 19, 2009 - 18:02

In 1964, America was introduced to the first action figure, G.I. Joe. G.I. Joe was primarily Barbie dolls for boys as they were 12” articulated figures with removable clothes, guns and accessories. The success of G.I. Joe was astounding! However, all good things must come to an end. I wouldn’t say G.I. Joe has ever come to an end, just many changes.

In 1982, G.I. Joe returned but now as “A Real American Hero”. The figures were still loaded with articulation and accessories but they were now 3 ¾” in scale and each figure was accompanied by a code name and a personality. Oh, and let’s not forget a definitive enemy, the terrorist organization, Cobra, lead by the whiny Cobra Commander.

G.I. Joe was supported by the highly successful Marvel comic book and cartoon. I remember running home from school to make sure not to miss an episode. Although the cartoon was very well done for it’s time, it was clearly a child’s show. G.I. Joe’s and Cobra’s would endlessly shoot lasers at each other and never once hit each other.  

The G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero brand ran its course and slowly disappeared in the 1990s. It returned in many other formats and styles but none struck as big of a chord with young consumers as the previous series.

Now that everything 1980s seems to be cool again, Hasbro released the very successful 25th Anniversary series of action figures. Collectors are gobbling them up and this summer a live action movie will be released, hoping to bring the G.I. Joe brand to a new generation of fans.  

Hasbro, the maker of G.I. Joe toys, didn’t want to limit itself with the G.I. Joe brand. On April 26th 2009, Cartoon Networks Adult Swim premiered a more “mature” G.I. Joe for fans, called G.I. Joe: Resolute.

G.I. Joe Resolute is a 90 minute action packed well animated feature with plenty of death and wounds to make up for the cartoons of the 1980s and, yes, it features many of your favorite characters with minor updates.

Hasbro has released three single carded action figures and a box set to support the series.  However, because of the limited amount of related action figures initially released, it seems clear that Hasbro wasn’t sure what sort of reaction Resolute would receive.  Nevertheless, Hasbro has just announced and released pictures of some new figures from the excellent Resolute cartoon including: Roadblock, Destro, Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes.

Resolute is the first time that Hasbro has taken the characters we know and love from “A Real American Hero” and added depth, with slight alterations to their costumes. I am fully embracing it. I not only am looking forward to the new Resolute figures to hit stores but I can’t wait to see other characters from the cartoon made into action figures.  

I genuinely hope Hasbro continues the Resolute series, both with action figures and perhaps another cartoon.  I am far more excited about this series of action figures and cartoon than I am for the upcoming live action movie and action figures that will be promoted along with it.

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