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Who's Who - Christine Pointeau

By Hervé St-Louis
August 7, 2012 - 17:19

Christine Pointeau was raised on European comics. Her first article for ComicBookBin was published on March 2007. Christine had a soft voice, if one can say that about a person’s writing. She was also a cartoonist herself and was working on her own comics while writing for ComicBookBin.

Christine wrote 16 articles before leaving ComicBookBin over creative differences related to our branding. Although she had effectively stopped contributing articles months prior, when I introduced the new ComicBookBin logo featuring the tricolour icon that we still use today, Christine decided that she did not want to be associated with a site publicly displaying something as repugnant as a man relieving himself in a box full of comics. I think that having not seen the final logo, Christine may have thought it would be more graphic and disgusting than the actual logo is. In any case, this little episode provided her with an apt reason to leave ComicBookBin.
But now that I’ve mentioned the logo, I might as well discuss it. The tricolour ComicBookBin logo was important for us. I wanted us to have better branding unique visual cues. I wanted something unique for ComicBookBin that you just would not find anywhere else. You’ve all seen comic book related logos. They often have huge fonts with some 3D and they use comic book language imagery like comic book speech bubbles constantly. We had such a logo before too. What I wanted was a way to bridge our uncanny name “ComicBookBin” with a visual signature that was totally ours and did not rely on all the comic book clichés, while being very inline with the world of comic books.

The guy crapping on a comic book box was all my idea. As usual, I discussed this extensively with the entire team and that’s when Christine told us that she would not want to be associated with us because of that. I wanted it to be a tricolour logo because they just work and scream branding like nothing else. Not having a guy with a cape floating on a tricolour icon was a good thing too – believe me, someone did submit such a sample at one point. I’m still proud of ComicBookBin’s logo. Our logo is just fine. I just wish Christine would have stuck around longer to see the final product. Check out Christine’s work at

Who's Who @ComicBookBin is a feature celebrating the 10th anniversary of ComicBookBin where publisher Hervé St-Louis features writers past and present that have contributed to ComicBookBin over the years.

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