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Christine Pointeau

By Christine Pointeau
April 9, 2004 - 22:13

From the first stumble unto the Comic Book Bin, I loved the site. I’ve always wanted to write articles and this gives me a chance to do just that, sharing my love of books and movies at the same time.

I particularly enjoy out of the main stream movies, independent ventures and foreign movies. I can certainly sit back, relax, and have a good time with the typical Hollywood fare as much as anyone else, but there is a special fondness for the different drum. I generally prefer the human stories. Something speaking to the multitude of diversities that make up this strange thing we know as the human specie.

I was raised on a steady diet of French graphic novels to the likes of Tintin, Asterix, Blueberry, and Barbe Rouge (Red Bear), to name a few. We had an entire library of graphic novels in the house, thanks to my father. The European market is what I generally go for, though I have come to appreciate and continue to discover the rich American realm of artists as well.

Some of my all time favorite artists and greatest inspirations:

Hergé –still master of the clear line, panel, characters. If I am stuck, I imagine how Hergé would draw it and I get it;
Moebius –absolute genius. Love the silent stories, the fantasy work, beauty, colors, imagination, craziness, you name it; I don’t just read his books, I study every panel.
David Mack –the color Kabuki albums are one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen;
Any artist / author that achieves livelihood out of their craft.

I am excited at the chance to write for the Comic Book Bin. I hope to do justice to the movies and books I review. Feel free to comment about any of my articles, ask me questions, or just send a note to chat at Christine@comicbookbin.com.

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