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Review: Cave Carson #1


By Philip Schweier
Oct 20, 2016 - 10:40

There is a moment that I seldom see portrayed in comics or film. After a funeral, condolences are shared, and the guests depart, usually at the end of the scene. Rarely does the scene continue to when the last guest has left, leaving the next of kin to return to the mundane tasks of every day life – lunch, laundry and little chores –  minus the dearly departed. As someone who has been there, I find it especially poignant.

It’s featured in Cave Carson #1. For those who don’t know, Cave Carson was a Silver Age DC character who explored the bowels of the earth in his mighty mole machine. Now he lives in semi-retirement. His daughter is grown and his team of explorers have moved on without him.

For some reason, he has a cybernetic eye, which in the aftermath of his wife’s passing seems to be channeling either visions or hallucinations. Compounding this is his adjustment to the new normal as a widower.

Issue #1 barely tells a story, lays the groundwork, introducing characters. Not just Cave Carson and his mighty mole, but also Doc Magnus and his Metal Men, and a special guest star. Or supporting player, we’re not quite sure. Without giving anything away, let me just say it’s not all Silver Agers feeding the nostalgia of comic fans over 50.

For that, we have the retro stylings of Michael Avon Oeming. I’ve always liked his work, similar to that of Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke. I think it’s very well-suited to DC’s older properties, though that is a approach that should be used judiciously. I like the notion of DC experimenting with dormant ideas, but only if there is a solid strategy in place.

Also in this issue is a brief back-up featuring Zan and Jayna, the Wonder Twins. It suggest they may play a greater role in the Cave Carson saga. Given their history, I’m curious to see how they might be integrated into his stories.

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