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Review: Batman Beyond #26


By Philip Schweier
December 20, 2018 - 15:30

One of the things I enjoy about Batman Beyond is the opportunity to take things in any direction. The series is not beholden to established continuity. But as it’s progressed, it has edged closer to repeating past history – and dare I say (dare, dare) predictability. It’s disappointing from such an experienced comic writer as Dan Jurgens.

The Joker has been resurrected. How is not important; it happened to Jason Todd, so just roll with it. His first target is Commissioner (Barbara) Gordon. His second is the new Robin. Really? Gonna use a crowbar on him, Mister J? Why not bring along Harley wile you’re at it?

Artists Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund channel Jim Lee and Scott Williams in their rendering. I’ve come to see New Gotham City as a polished metropolis of gleaming towers, which has worked when rendered by previous artists. But in this issue, the environment assumes a scratchy, rough texture I wouldn’t expect. But considering how much time is spent in the ruins of the collapsed Wayne tower, I can see the merits.

But to Jurgens credit, he played the long game by seeding the Joker’s return several issues ago. Some readers (including myself) may have chosen to not believe what our eyes showed us, only to have forgetten it a month later when the following issue was released. IN this chapter, Bruce mentions the voice, but that’s the failing of reading vs. listening: you don’t actually hear the voice. Otherwise we may have recognized Joker for who he was.

Rating: 6/10

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