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By The Editor
October 30, 2005 - 09:09

The Comic Book Bin is looking for volunteer writers for its gaming, movies, action figures, fan films and of course comic book sections. Traditionally, the Comic Book Bin’s audience has always had a more diverse profile than many other sites in this industry.

Writing for the Bin vs Your Own Blog

A lot of writers believe that having their own blog is way better than writing for a regular Web site. While you can always claim that you have your own blog, making it a successful one is a different job than just posting stuff to it, once in a while. Writing for the Bin makes it easier to put stuff out there and be sure that a lot of eyeballs can see it quickly. It's all about the laws of attractions and numbers. We have over 11,000 thousands articles versus a few hundreds for most blogs. There are 20 of us, some of us who write daily, versus you and that hangover or writer's block from last night. If you have something important to say, chances are it will be noticed faster at the Bin than at your blog, unless your name is Boing Boing.

For example, in 2006 (yes we go that far - 2002 actually), Andy Smith a writer approached us with an article called "The Ten Most Important Comic Books of the 1990s." We didn't know Andy, but we posted his article. It became an overnight success and was read by far more people than if he had posted it on his own blog.

Like everything in life, only a small percentage of any given activities ever get noticed. With the Bin you cheat your way to the top, by benefiting from the efforts of a lot of people that have been writing for years. You don't have to work as hard to built a reputation. You're from the Bin. That means something. We'll help you land those interviews you wouldn't get on your own, you'll be a press rep at those conventions you'd like to go, because you'll be part of a team that people know about and has nothing to prove. When people who don't know us take a glance at our Web site, it takes them but seconds to know we're not living in our moms' basement and that we're serious about our work.

Writing for the Bin, also doesn't stop you from having a blog of your own. In fact the best mix for a blogger, is to write about comics professionally at the Bin and write about everything else on your blog. Working with the Bin means, for a potential future employer or a school recruiter, that you have accepted credentials and can follow guidelines. Blogs are always looser, but they also are less trusted. The Comic Book Bin is not a blog. We can't say what we want just because. We have to back up our claims, research, verify and explain why something sucks or why something is pure genius.

Why the Bin and Not Another Comic Site?

The Bin is privately owned. We're independent. We don't have to please any player or publisher in the industry or shareholder. With time, people come to value this freedom. Your editor will not censor your thoughts. He will not tell you "you can't say that." What he will tell you is if you say something controversial or not, back it up and make sure it's well written. If you think that you can write a very negative review about a popular comic book from one of the larger publishers at one of the so-called big sites, I have news for you. They never piss off their main bread and butter.

At the Bin, we cover all comic books. We don't ignore Yaoi or European comic books because we think they bring less advertising dollars. We don't discriminate against Web comics or think comic strips are not popular enough. We cover what comes our way. The publisher challenges you to find a site with as much diversity and with so much strong and independent opinions that change things.



We're looking for game reviewers and a writer interested in covering gaming news. This is a great opportunity for gaming fan who wants to get more involved in that industry without having to start a Web site from scratch. Building on the established audience of the Comic Book Bin, you can get more exposure and the notice of the industry. We cover console and PC games, but a good pitch from a serious editor could get us to open up to mobile gaming as well.


We're looking for more coverage of the movie biz, especially, in the area of DVD news and reviews. If you want to write reviews and commentaries on films, this is the place to be. An active writer or editor can make this section really shine, as the movie reviews already cover diverse genres.

Action Figures

The Comic Book Bin's Action Figures reviews are some of the best and most respected in the toy industry. When we write something, vendors and collectors pay attention. Currently specialized in DC Direct, Marvel Legends and Street Fighter action figures, we'd like to improve our news coverage, and offer more toy line reviews, better coverage of custom-made action figures, and inform about collectible items.


Our existing team already does a great job with limited resources, when covering comics. Being a staff writer for a comic book publication is a great way to get your name known and brush up your writing skills. When writing about comics for the Bin, you'll feel like you're influencing the industry in a meaningful way.

Fan Films

Fan films are just cool. That's why we're looking for a YouTube addict to spot the latest happenings on the Web and post them here. We're looking for someone also interested in adding a few commentaries about the films. This is an ideal position for those who don't like to write a lot, but still want to contribute.

The Bin's Philosophy

The Comic Book Bin's approach is to be professional and above the fray. We don't do gossip, spoil news or do petty attacks. We report, comment, inform clearly and fairly. Because our articles are read by many parents, casual readers, and kids, we make it a priority to offer information that anyone can understand.  To help our writers and editors, The Bin provides several thorough writing guides. Our writers' independence is respected.  So drop your message boards and flame wars and create something that will last longer and will be viewed by far more people than hardcore fans.

What's Available


  • News Editor

  • (Requires daily involvement - great for industry contacts)

  • Independent Comics Reviewer

  • (with focus on small press, mini comics, alternatives)

  • European Comics Reviewer

  • (Ability to read French a plus, good written English required)

  • Ratings Columnist
  • (comments on weekly bestsellers and what's hot, hidden gems)

    Action Figures

  • Action Figure News Editor

  • (Requires daily involvement)

  • G.I.Joe Action Figure Reviewer

  • (must follow the specific guidelines)

  • Transformers' Reviewer

  • (must follow the specific guidelines)

  • WWE Action Figure Reviewer

  • (must follow the specific guidelines)


  • Movie News Editor

  • (Requires daily involvement)

  • Animation DVD Reviewer

  • Games

  • Game reviewers
  • Feature Writer

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