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Fan Films + Women = Comic Book Bin

By Christopher Moshier
April 1, 2007 - 19:20

Niki Notarile is Blinky's Catwoman
So the Comic Book Bin has decided to kick the site up a notch in the form of incorporating monthly themes to their content.  The first month’s theme is my favorite subject even before fan films!  NO!  Not beer!  WOMEN!  Considering I handle most of the fan film content for the site I had to decide how best to approach this theme.  I certainly haven’t slighted the opposite sex in any of the films or interviews I have posted.  Nor do I feel that the world of comics books, science fiction, and/or fantasy are geared mostly to men (boys) perhaps as they once were.  There are so many great concepts out there that there is truly something for everyone – and I'm talking under the umbrella to what is covered already at the Comic Book Bin.

As I thought about how to best present women in the world of Fan Film I decided the easiest solution would be let the proof be in the pudding.  This may seem like a stupid or rather simplistic approach that took me less time to think up than drinking a 12oz bottle of Canada’s best, but believe it or not it took me three bottles!  I could have very easily taken the politically correct road, hid my “boys” in a safe deposit box for the month of April, and got in touch with my feminine side until I realized I really didn’t have a feminine side.  This isn’t going to be the battle of the sexes – I’ll let a liberal media keep that war going.  What I’m leading up to is if you are a “Modern Day Feminist” you’re going to be offended by some of the content I post this month.  Perhaps I’m wrong in writing that, but it does give me all sorts of inner fuzzies.  It just brings a smirk – NO!  Scratch that!  That gives me a grin from ear to ear!

Now you may be thinking, “what the heck are you babbling about, Chris?”  More importantly you may be thinking, “what in the wide, wide world of sports does this have to do with fan films!?"

I rebuttal - “not a lot.”

There have always been differences between men and women.  There have always been differences between blacks and whites.  There have always been differences between the Empire and the Rebellion - that was Star Wars humor.  Society and political correctness has taught us this is wrong, but laughably at the same time manipulating those differences when Jerry Springer needs a show topic.  I’m here to say its fact that in many ways we are all the same, but also in many ways different as a class, sex, or race.  Women as a whole are inequitably different - if they weren’t what’s the point of having a month theme specifically for women?  Women aren’t men.  We’re not equal.  “Equality” is a buzz word for special interest groups utilized as a tool for a said group's own agenda.  We’re different.  So instead of spending the month having a man try to pretend to understand the achievements of women or discuss their past oppressions let’s look at their achievements and let that speak volumes.  If only CNN could report the news instead of making excuses for it that would be so cool.

Valerie Perez as Lara Croft
OK!  I’m perfectly conscience this is a comic book website.  In the grand scheme of things its inconsequential to what I sometimes comically call reality.  In the real world women can be drop dead gorgeous while actually having an IQ in the triple digits.  In the real world women can wear low cut tops with tight jeans and actually not be a slut.  In the real world women can speak their minds without being considered a bitch.  This is how I see women!  Women want to be sexy.  Women want to look good.  Women want to show off their overly stair mastered buttocks.  TRUST ME!  I KNOW!  I’ve been married for 10 years!

YES!  This includes all shapes and sizes.  Women also want to be respected for their ideas, intelligence, and personalities.  I think that’s where funny books and related genres split a fan base without even knowing it.  Not so much today, but from the conception of the comic book to the early 1990’s.  Men in power running corporations were so single minded they alienated half their fan base.  Now for over a decade or so that slighted fan base is being welcomed into the comic book world by a far more intelligent generation.

This month in the Fan Film section of the Comic Book Bin you're going to see some quality shorts with a variety of characters played by very talented and may I say very beautiful women.  We are also going to revisit a series based on the characters from the 90’s Batman: The Animated Series called Gotham Girls.  More importantly we will spotlight and interview the talents behind many of these productions.  And as I indicated above I don’t need to tell you how talented they are.  Just visit the BIN the month of April 2007 and they’ll prove it to you!

If you have any suggestions for articles or want your fan film spotlighted on these here pages or just want to say hello please email me at

Also visit the Comic Book Bins "Fan Film Follies" MySpace page by clicking  HERE.  Make sure you add us to your "FRIENDS"!

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