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The Final Installment Of The Angst-Ridden Omega The Unknown

By Henry Chamberlain
July 21, 2008 - 10:06

It's as if all the explaining in the world isn't going to make Omega the Unknown any less weird so it makes perfect sense to toss out any back story for the last issue. The story doesn't even need any more explaining once you cross a certain point. May as well not even bother with any dialogue either and let the characters run wild in a final nihilistic frenzy. That is exactly what happens in this last issue of the series and it is awesome.

We begin with a full page look at a football stadium-sized omega sign burned deep into the ground, smoke rising from below, and a tiny spec emerging that is the battered figure of the ultimate anti-superhero, Omega the Unknown. We continue to the following pages and see that, by now, all the media has discovered him and are piecing together the details on every news outlet. His face on every television set. He walks in a daze until he's distracted by a homeless man who takes him to find refuge among other homeless people. The most popular man on the planet and the best he can do is stand half-naked in front of a burning oil drum.

As we progress, we see cryptic references made to the plot from pervious issues, things involving salt, express mail, robotics, cults and assorted conspiracies. What matters is that, aside from the hot news about a man in a cape, there is this troubled boy who seems to need help with something. Since we have no words to provide more clues, we lose ourselves in the expressive line work. We return to the lost man as he continues to fade away. More references are made left to any interpretation you'd like.

We draw closer to what's left of Omega the Unknown. We look into his eyes, then deep into a pupil and we see a little blue man holding a jar. Inside the jar it says, "The End."   

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