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Green Lantern #42

By Avi Weinryb
June 30, 2009 - 00:47

The fourth and final chapter of the Agent Orange storyline concludes as Hal Jordan and Larfleeze fight to a stalemate, each demonstrating their light powered prowess. Hal finally wields the blue light, and the loss of his arm in the previous issue is proven to be not what it seemed. The Guardians cut a new deal with Larfleeze and John Stewart has a reunion with his former would-be assassin, Fatality. A rip-roaring epilogue concludes the issue, featuring Lanterns Saarek and Ash. The two complete their mission to Sector 666 and find a whole lot of trouble. The kind of trouble that gets spun out into an eight issue mini-series with a lot of crossover titles this summer. The kind of trouble that sucks wallets dry but makes your comic book shop owner very happy.




This issue seems to put a lot of emphasis on Agent Orange AKA Larfleeze. He continues to be greedy, coveting the blue ring. Nothing new there – but it is when he cuts a fresh deal with the Guardians that things get interesting. The choice they make is very revealing and further fleshes out the disconnect between the Guardians and the rest of the universe. Johns depicts Hal Jordan wielding yet another power ring. The man keeps tapping into different portions of the emotional spectrum. Could there be any consequences?


Tossing a loving barb at comic book fans, Johns scripts a moment where Larfleeze is defending his Orange lantern and screams “Don’t you dare dent it! It’s in mint condition!” If you have ever plucked a book from someone’s comic collection, you may have heard that familiar line.


The pencil work in this issue skillfully demonstrates the menace inherent in Larfleeze and the heroic qualities of Hal Jordan. Larfleeze is SCARY and his flaming eyes and facial horns drive the point home. Philip Tan and Eddy Barrows do not execute any particularly innovative techniques – the two deliver strong art which supports the story well. When Jordan taps into the Orange power, his proportions seem ridiculously off, but this inconsistency demonstrates the influence of the Orange power.


As all the elements fall into place to allow for the Blackest Night event to occur, readers continue to enjoy the lead-up to the main event. This issue of Green Lantern has a few twists and turns, but it lacks the spark of its predecessors. It can be forgiven largely due to its service as a bridge, leading into next month’s big show.    

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Rating: 7.5 /10

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