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By Hervé St-Louis
October 5, 2006 - 19:34

Warbird, was created as supporting character Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel adventures published by Marvel Super Heroes #13 in 1968. Gaining similar powers to Captain Marvel, she became Ms Marvel in the first issue of her own series, Ms Marvel #1 in 1977. Returning to Earth after a long absence, she called herself Warbird in the Avengers #4, Volume 3, published in 1998. Although Warbird has since, renamed herself Ms Marvel, Toy Biz chose to continue using the Warbird moniker.

Warbird sports the same costume she wore during both her memberships in the Avengers. Her suit is a swimsuit with long boots and a red sash. This is the same costume she sports as Ms Marvel.


The sculpt is mostly a repaint of the Phoenix Marvel Legends action figure. The torso, the arms and part of the legs are the same. Toy Biz reuses standard parts for all its action figures. One could bill the Phoenix sculpt the regular female sculpt, unlike the one used for the Invisible Woman, Kitty Pryde and the upcoming Wasp. The arms are too thin and make her look out of proportions. Toy Biz’s female action figures are not sexy at all. Also, Warbird is supposed to have large breasts. Although the one she has, are large, they are not as big as they should be to accurately portray the character.


Warbird’s paint is not good. There are no highlights in her hair. It’s one shade of beige. The skin tone of her joint articulations is not the same as her limbs. There is no toning one any of Warbird’s body and face. There is light bleeding on the swoosh of her logo. The paint coverage on her arms is poor. There are spots all over.


Warbird is taller than Kitty Pryde, about the same size and almost as tall as male figures such as Captain Britain and Havok.


This figure will stay up way past your bed time. When you awake in the morning, she’ll still be standing! He feet are flat, which are bad for a dancer, but great for a super heroine. Her weight is well distributed on her body and though her head is large, it doesn’t pull her on a side.


Warbird has 44 articulations which must be a record on a female action figure. She has shoulder blade articulations where only one side works! Then, she has ball joint shoulders and biceps twists, allowing her to cross her arms very well. Of course she has double articulations at the knees, and elbows. Her hip articulations are limited by the swivels connected with the ball joints. She can only move her legs forward or side ways, but not both at once.


Warbird is in PVC. Her hair and sash are in rubber. Although the limbs on Warbird are thin, she looks tough enough for smaller kids to play with. A good thing about her chest, is that it’s not a snap on a rubber pad, like Kitty Pryde. The entire mould forms her torso.


Warbird comes with a copy of the King Size Avengers’ Annual #10. She also comes with the lower torso of Giant Man. As a female character, and thus expected to sell less, Toy Biz packages the most important part of their do it your self giant figures with the least likely characters to sell.


Packaged in a bubble wrap that can only be opened with scissors, Warbird pinned in a clear plastic encasing with wires to hold her. The card inside the package features the same art as all other Giant Man series action figures.


Warbird cost from $8 to $12 depending on the store. Prices of this action figure at Walmart stores should be similar all over the United States. In Canada, prices vary according to the retailer. At $10 a figure, it’s starting to become expensive to purchase a Marvel Legends action figure, even if they come packaged with a comic book and a large prop.


In the United States, Warbird is available exclusively in Walmart stores. Collectors may find this figure, in the secondary market on auction Web sites. The limited distribution of Warbird has caused several collectors to not find stocks in their local Walmarts. American online stores ordering this action figure must order outside the country. In Canada, Warbird has been available at Toys R Us since mid August 2006.

As one of the last Marvel Legends series produced by Toy Biz, stock may be available until 2007, when Toy Biz will lose its license in favour of Hasbro. It’s not clear if Toy Biz can still sell overstocks. Thus, if you want this action figure, purchase it now.

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