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Thor Action Figure

By Hervé St-Louis
October 4, 2006 - 22:49


This is the second Marvel Legends action figure based on Thor, the mighty Marvel super hero who is a Norse god affiliated with the Avengers. Created in Journey into Mystery #83, in 1962, Thor is one of the most powerful Marvel characters. As the god of thunder, he controls the weather and is immensely strong and durable. The new Thor action figure is in many ways an improvement over the last one and could be termed, an apology figure.

Whereas the previous Marvel Legends Thor sacrificed sculpting over articulations, this one integrates both. Most apparent is the inclusion of the parallel silver circles on Thor’s jocks, which were missing in the previous figure. The design of the figure is based on the classic Thor costume that he first sported. Details such as the straps in the back of the belt are visible.


The sculpt is the highlight of this new Thor. His face is less angrier and barbaric as the former. He looks younger although he has a strong jaw. Compared to other strongly built Marvel Legends characters like Wonderman and Sentry, Thor looks more impressive. He leans on his left leg by default, like in some of the early illustrations by Jack Kirby. His chest is a soft rubber plate glued on that gives his a stronger torso. I don’t like the cape parted on the left. It puts the figure off balance.



The paint job on Thor is awful. The painters used different skin tones on all skin areas. His neck and back hands are tan, while his face colour is moulded in the plastic. Even the fingers who are also painted have a colour that doesn’t match the palms. Compared to the previous Thor from Marvel Legends, whose leg bands were coloured with dirty tones, those on the current figure are but one tone. Thor’s hairs have a little bit of toning. This is one of the worst paint jobs I’ve seen on a Toy Biz action figure.


Thor is taller than most Marvel Legends action figures and towers guys like Captain Britain. This is normal for Thor. The previous Thor action figure was taller though. With his height, Thor fits well with older DCDirect action figures.


Thor has a heavy cape, weak articulations, a heavy hammer, preposed legs. These are all the ingredients required to make him difficult to leave standing. You’ll have to play with the figure and see what sticks before putting him up. However, without an action figure stand, he won’t stand up for long.



Thor’s articulations are loose. He has weak ankles, biceps and wrists. Because of the weight of his hammer, his right hand will continuously twist on one side. He has 33 articulations, at the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, palms, abdominal, waist, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, soles and toes. His hair limits the movement of his neck, while his cape limits his shoulders’ motion. His abdominal articulation is almost immovable.


Thor is a mix of PVC and rubber. His cape is hot flat on his back. Toy Biz added some pegs inside the cape that fit in large holes on the figure’s back. It pushes the cape beyond the shoulders of the figure to add some volume. Surprisingly, the knee pads are not in rubber but in PVC, limiting the knees’ double articulation further. The wings on Thor’s helmet and his hair are also in rubber and pegged to his head.



Thor comes with his Mjolnir hammer as well as a copy of The Mighty Thor #60 written and drawn by Walt Simonson. The hammer lacks the paint details of the first Marvel Legends’ Thor action figure. The handle does have a leatherlike feel.


Besides the Thor comic book, Thor came with the right hand of the Giant Man action figure. The packaging requires scissors to open the package. I suggest that parents help their child open the package.


The Thor action figure can cost from $8 to $12 in most American and Canadian stores. It’s still a good deal for those who missed the first Thor action figure which is nearly impossible to buy less than $20.



This action figure is only available to Walmart stores in the United States. In Canada, all stores can order this figure from the Canadian retailer. This has increased demand and complicated collecting for several collectors who still cannot find this figure.  Usually, stores closer to the West coast in the United States obtain their figures faster than those in the Midwest or Eastern part of the country.

Rating: 8.5 /10

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