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By Hervé St-Louis
June 8, 2006 - 07:20

Sasquatch is the ten-foot orange furry mystical creature that is the strong man of Canada’s super hero team, Alpha Flight. When Doctor Walter Langkowski was looking for a way to reproduce the gamma effects that turn American scientist, Bruce Banner into the incredible Hulk, he instead opened a gateway to another dimension and was possessed by the spirit of an evil demon called Tanaraq, giving him the powers of the Sasquatch.

Sasquatch’s chest is not as large as some of John Byrne’s early illustrations. His large eyebrows are there too. The figure doesn’t long canines like in the comic book. His arms are long like an ape with furry calves and forearms. This figure imposing and impressive and show Sasquatch as the menacing character he really is. Often, illustrators make Sasquatch’s legs shorter, like Hulk. However, the figure’s legs are proportional to his height.


The left leg of Sasquatch is shorter than the right one making the figure look off-balance. However, Sasquatch looks savage and dangerous. It’s a good thing he’s on the side of the good guys. The articulations on this figure are well-hidden. The fur pattern on the figure is extensive and is even sculpted in the figure’s joints. Of note, big toes are not opposing against the rest of his toes, like a monkey.


The paint job on Sasquatch looks good but is not perfect. The paint doesn’t cover the rubber-like parts of the figure completely.


Sasquatch is larger than most Marvel Legends action figures but that is normal. Sasquatch is supposed to be about 10 feet which is matched by the figure’s ten inches. Sasquatch’s chest is wide.


Sasquatch is stable because of his flat feet even though his legs are not exactly the same length. His torso is top heavy making his balance precarious. However, his legs can support his weight very well. Toy Biz doesn’t add any peg holes in the feet of its figures. This is sorely lacking.


Sasquatch has 35 articulations at the neck, shoulders, the biceps, the elbows, the forearms, the wrists, the palms, the hips, the thighs, the knees, the calves, the ankles, the soles and the toles, the abdominal, and the waist.


Sasquatch is constructed of rubbery plastic and PVC. The rubber material covers his forearms, his abdomen, torso, hair, and calves. In particular, the rubber piece on the torso is glued on top of a PVC torso. It seems that part of Sasquatch were farmed out from the Man-Thing action figure, but it is only speculation and not verified.


Sasquatch comes with Apocalypse’s right arm which when assembled with the other parts create the full action figure. Sasquatch comes with a copy of Alpha Flight # 10 Volume 1 where he defeats the Super Skrull alone.


Sasquatch comes in a plastic bubble package with an inserted cardboard with images of other action figures from this particular wave. There is no specific profile on Sasquatch. The inside cover of the cardboard includes instructions on how to assemble Apocalypse. Parents need to open the package with scissors for their children.


Sasquatch costs from $7 to 25 depending on the store. Large surface stores sell this figure for less than comic book stores or other specialty retailers. The white variant of Sasquatch may fetch more money in collectors’ markets such as auction sites and specialty stores. Large retailers may sell these variants for the regular price.


The white Sasquatch is rarer than the red one. Sasquatch is probably popular with Canadians, however, it seems that like fellow Alpha Flight member Northstar, his fan base is expending. The character was the main leader of the new Alpha Flight. Also, this figure is wicked cool, so I don’t expect it to stay in stores for long.

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