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The Top Trending Bin Pages for December 2015
By Hervé St-Louis

January 2, 2016 - 00:17

This month was a busy one for the Bin with very good articles written by the team. We were supposed to do a proper retrospective but I just haven’t had the time to compile everyone’s comments yet. In terms of popularity, we have new pages that are now trending continually and one in particular which dropped. I’ve decided not to include certain pages in the daily trending results. These pages hardly need any support. This allows me to highlight the next tier of articles, which are often unique and interesting.

10- Johnny Bullet #51
Last I celebrated the success of Johnny Bullet and declared that ComicBookBin was now a Johnny Bullet site. Little did I know that you, the reader would prove me wrong. You reminded me clearly that there is more than Johnny Bullet at the Bin! Every month one Johnny Bullet strip will just take off. It happened this month too, but this strip, which deepens the mystery surrounding Johnny Bullet’s enemies barely, made it at the ninth position. I’ll have to work harder if I want more of you to read more Johnny Bullet!

9- Euro Comics
Euro Comics is always ranking strongly but usually just under the top trending pages. The Bin’s exploration of European comics is unique in that we can read French well and don’t rely on translations. Not everything is translated. Over the years Patrick Bérubé and I wrote comprehensive articles on Euro comics. I just added a new one on December 31st. I hope that you enjoy these and that you want more. Based on your visits, I can say that readers want more coverage of European comics.

8-Yaoi the Future of Gay Comics?
This is a classic article that always rank. It’s not my best but what can I say? Readers want to read it...

7-Press Releases
Our main Press Release page makes a dramatic entry in the top 10. I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad that you want to read press releases. We have a lot more that we could feature. We used to post a lot. I decided to reduce our reliance on press releases because I don’t feel that they are quality reading. Why are you trying to prove me wrong? Why do you want to read press releases?

6-Why Isn’t Daredevil on Blu-ray?
This article has had the most dramatic drop. This article has had the top ranking at the Bin since April 2015. The drop is surprising. Is it because people are now binge-watching Jessica Jones instead? I assume it will be popular again in a few months when season two of Daredevil returns to Netflix.

This article is an old stalwart. It’s the homepage to anything comics at the Bin. That means 90% of our contents! If it’s off the home page, that’s where you’ll find something recently published.

4-Fan Films
Fan films and the Bin have a long history. I really need help covering this section. I can’t keep up Help!!!?

3-Comic News
Comic News makes its incredible debut in the top 10. Amazing ranking for a page that’s always been there. I get it. Readers still want the Bin to provide them with news and not just Johnny Bullet. I get it!

2-Top Ten Comics of the 1990s
What’s a top 10 at the Bin without this old article that’s been trending forever? Nostalgia rules!

1-Johnny Bullet Survey
Ha ha! This survey I designed to understand Johnny Bullet readers has had a crazy amount of visits. It’s numbers are beyond anything in the top ten combined... Only the home page has more visits. But I never count the home page in the trends... you know! Unfortunately, the response rate for the survey is abysmal. It’s less than one percent. Even the offer of a free comic wasn’t enough to get you the reader to participate and help me understand why you read Johnny Bullet and web comics in general. I would like to get more than anecdotes. What I understand is that most people who landed at the survey page did not know who Johnny Bullet is... Alright, I have more work to do to create awareness of the greatest drag racing comic in the universe!

Happy New Year!

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