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Social networking With Star Wars

By The Editor
July 26, 2007 - 12:56

For 30 years, Star Wars fans have escaped the confines of this galaxy by living in the virtual world born from the mind of filmmaker George Lucas. Today at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Get Solo, LLC announced they have joined forces to help enthusiasts express their passion for the saga by creating personalized Star Wars Social Networking Cards that fans can proudly exchange. Get Solo, a provider of innovative marketing media and solutions, is taking orders for the cards starting today at

"Millions of people of all ages have a deep bond with the characters and stories of Star Wars. These new products are unique, because they capture that personal connection. Fans will find the social networking cards to be a fun way to express themselves when meeting other fans, because they can personalize them with their favorite Star Wars images, include interesting personal information, and even build a collection,” says Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing.

Fun and Convenient Personal ID

Star Wars Social Networking Cards provide a stunning and more personal alternative to traditional business cards for true fans who want their own customized ‘calling card’. Cards can be tailored by selecting from 75 full-color images for the front, and can be personalized to include interesting facts and personal contact information. Fans can create cards for themselves, and as a gift for a friend or a family member. They can be exchanged at events, parties and school to make new friends and promote oneself, or even one’s virtual self. For online networking, an electronic card is included for free with every order.

“The event season is hot right now, and we can see why fans will be very excited to get and hand out their cards. Hundreds of thousands of people attend events like Star Wars Celebration IV, Celebration Europe and Comic-Con International every year, because they love to meet other fans. Most keep in touch long after the show is over, and cards like these are a fun and convenient way to make those new friends,” says Mary Franklin, Events Manager at Lucasfilm.

Bridging the Online and Offline Gap

The internet is teeming with ways to express oneself. E-mail, blogs, instant messaging,, and other innovations have created a new foundation for free speech and broadcasting. Social Networking Cards from Get Solo are a perfect way to take that phenomenon offline, and to promote favorite online links or share key information with others. For fans who participate in reality games, cards can even be created for their characters or avatars.

“Online, there are many ways to promote, build and join a social network. However, people told us that when they meet, they want a more convenient way to drive people to their favorite web destinations, and to invite others to join their social networks. The desire to bridge that gap is what drove us to create Star Wars Social Networking Cards. Fans are incredibly excited,” according to Ashesh Shah, founder and Chairman of Get Solo.

Regardless of one’s online passions, one thing is true - interaction with others is what makes the experience the most vibrant. Voicing personal opinions, sharing information and demonstrating creative flair requires an audience and feedback to be fulfilling. That need for a community is exactly why social networking is so hot. With these new cards, now people can experience that thrill every time they meet someone in person.

Star Wars Social Networking Cards are available in quantities of 100, 500 and 1,000 for as little as $29.99 (shipped). To order cards, visit:

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