Marvel Comics
Young Avengers #6
By Kevin Scott
September 19, 2005 - 06:38

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Allan Heinberg
Penciller(s): Jim Cheung
Inker(s): John Dell
Cover Artist(s): Jim Cheung

The 6-part SIDEKICKS story arc comes to a time-splitting conclusion here. But will the Young Avengers be the same, when it’s all said and done!?!

OK, so here we find out how Heinberg pulls this whole concept together. The Kang situation is resolved and we see the final fate of Cap, Iron Man and Jessica…….wonder what that is. For the most part, the writing is good. But still the Kate character is forced upon the reader. Heinberg wants to show her as a strong female, which is fine. But if he’d just ease back a little, it would seem more natural. The ending is OK, but it raises questions about protection, secrecy and the whole name.

Once again Cheung does a solid job with the art. This issue is more subdued than previous instalments, so the big bangs aren’t there. But Cheung shows some good facial emotion. The stuff that really works best for me here, is the out of costume scenes. They have a really nice feel to them. The costumes look, kinda weak, but that’s not really his thought……..unless he came up with the design.

Rating: C-/10

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