European Comics
Wake Vol. 6-7 Artifice/Maximum Insecurity
By Hervé St-Louis
May 9, 2005 - 09:34

NBM Publishing
Writer(s): Jean David Morvan
Penciller(s): Philippe Buchet
Inker(s): Philippe Buchet
Cover Artist(s): Philippe Buchet

Earthling Navee, an Earthling working for Wake, an intergalactic organization uniting aliens from all reaches of the universe under its command. Each agent is a highly trained operative capable of fighting its way through any mess. As an Earthling, Navee’s mind cannot be read by machines and telepaths read, unlike other sentients. She’s trying to free her friend Rib’Wund from prison. But the road is dangerous.

This collection translated from the original graphic novels published in French by Delcourt collect two volumes. In volume six, Navee’s ship is sabotaged and lands on planet Arr_So1. There she discovers a militarist community fighting in perpetual combat against an artificial intelligence trying to dispose of them. In the volume seven, Navee reaches the prison, in the midst of a riot and fights opposing gangs.

Wake is full of action and lots of characterisation throughout. There’s never a dull moment. Morvan is a magnificent plotter. Although this was the first story, within the first few pages, he recaps everything that has gone before making it easy to enjoy the rest of the story, but also want to discover what went on in earlier volumes. The plot twists are often predictable, but the story is still entertaining.

Buchet is a great artist with a realistic style who is capable of injecting as much facial expressions to his characters as Kevin Maguire. But better than that is his aliens’ character designs. In the space prison, more than 35 alien types, each with its distinct characteristics. He’s also good with technology and space ships! Everything is drawn with dynamic storytelling that makes this comic book seems like Star Wars on speeds.

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