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Wake the F#ck Up
By Troy-Jeffrey Allen
December 16, 2012 - 14:11

Writer(s): Bill Jemas, Eric Dietel
Penciller(s): JJ Dzialowski
$2.99 US

Yes, comic books are stupid. However, with each new discovery, we can possibly end the cycle and find something all-new and all-different to justify our Wednesday spending habits. This is One Shot...


More than any other Marvel big wig, Bill Jemas spent his tenure as publisher of Marvel Comics being incredibly blunt with the consumer. Therefore, it’s no surprise that his new “storybook” is titled Wake The F#ck Up, a callback to the Sam Jackson-narrated viral video from a few months back.

Written by Jemas with Eric Dietel, Wake The F#ck Up follows two suburban teenagers as they start to experience America’s shifting political landscape during the last 16 years. Initially, the kids are just bystanders, repeating whatever half truths their parents have been spewing. As we move throughout the War in Iraq, however, the kids begin to form opinions of their own, pushing them toward the “Occupy Movement.”

 To focus on whether Wake the F#ck Up is leaning right or left is to miss the point, I think. Jemas and Dietel seem more annoyed by the inactivity of millennials as opposed to who you should vote for. By the end of the book, the message seems even clearer than the title: I don’t care what you do, but DO SOMETHING.

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