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Arcane Awakening Book One Review
By Andy Frisk
June 30, 2013 - 17:33

Mess Bucket Comics
Writer(s): Dominic Riggio
Penciller(s): Jason Crippen
Inker(s): Jason Crippen
Letterer(s): Neil Tolman
Cover Artist(s): Jacob Crippen

The final era of humanity has dawned and only mankind can choose their final fate. They will have some supernatural help and opposition though. The age old war between God and Satan is nearing its climax, and the forces of good and evil have been awakened inside the souls of the Nephilim, men and women descendent from God's angels, and the demon spawned forces of Lucifer. As each warrior is awakened on each side, either The Holy Spirit or Lucifer himself appears to guide these soldiers into battle against their opposing force. Stigmata, Shroud, Mojo, and Paragon will band together as The Ministry to oppose Fuhrer and his demonic horde. Let the battle begin!

Arcane Awakening is a strong first graphic novel debut for fledgling comic book publishers Mess Bucket Comics. Mixing in action, religious horror, and a good ole' fashion bad guys with super powers vs good guys with superpowers theme, writer Dom Riggio and artist Jason Crippen come up with a visually stunning opening salvo in what appears to be a well plotted out long term story. The characters that Riggio comes up with, especially Mojo, who is a type of super powered Jim Morrison (it's cool to see Morrison represented on the side of the angels), are each engaging in their own special way. I really wish that Riggio could have delved deeper into their characterizations and given us a little more back story on each of them though. Perhaps in subsequent volumes we will be treated to a stronger flushing out of their backgrounds.

Overall, Arcane Awakening is a great first read from a first time publisher. I recommend that you get on the ground floor of this new project and pick yourself up a copy of Arcane Awakening Book One before it becomes a sold out and hard to find collectible.

Rating: 8/10

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