Marvel Comics
Ultimate Power #1 of 9
By Hervé St.Louis
November 5, 2006 - 11:20

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller(s): Greg Land
Inker(s): Matt Ryan

The Fantastic Four’s the Thing’s skin is breaking apart, and it’s up to Reed Richards, Mr Fantastic to fix the problem. His solution, do more research on the negative zone where the Fantastic Four got their powers. The problem, is that The Serpent Society, which they fought earlier was trying to advert a crisis. But playing with the negative zone is playing with fire and one always has to watch out for what’s about to arrive on the other side.

This is a setup issue to that finally links Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Universe with the Supreme Power Universe that was also rebooted a few years ago. Now that this has happened, Marvel Comics have come full circle. Both of their realistic reboot of older franchises are meeting, just like in the classic Marvel universe. The story is short. There’s more exposition than an actual plot. I have a feeling that a story about not much happening is about to be stretched into nine books. The premise is interesting, but my patience for these things is thin.

Greg Land is a wonderful artist whose style fits perfectly with the story. He makes everyone look good. With the apt colouring of Justin Ponsor, this is probably one of the best looking comic books in the stands.


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