Marvel Comics
Ultimate Power #5 of 9
By Hervé St-Louis
August 27, 2007 - 02:18

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller(s): Greg Land
Inker(s): Matt Ryan

This issue, the big guns of the Ultimate Marvel and of the Supreme universe fight. It’s Thor versus Hyperion. But Nick Fury thinks a little cheat is in order and sends the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch to help Thor. Apparently, the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch are expandable. The continuing subplot about Nick Fury’s secret continues, as Spider-man tries to warn Captain America.

This is another issue where not much happens and where the big screen effect of the story is more important than plot advancement. It’s tiring to read such stories as there is little value. If padding stories with meaningless bits is the way to go, than Marvel Comics should just publish everything as trade paperbacks instead and spare readers the agony of waiting after a book several months for bits of nothing.

Land does a great job here, depicting the fight with Hyperion, Thor, the Invisible Woman and the Torch. The storytelling is good as long rectangular panels are easier to display action scenes. This is what I like about Land. He keeps the funky page layout to a minimum, so it doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the artwork.

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