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Marvel License Impacts Hasbro
By Hervé St-Louis
April 23, 2007 - 23:20

Hasbro's swapping of Marvel Enterprises' license for Marvel properties seem to impact the financial results of the toy maker positively. According to Hasbro President Alfred J. Verrecchia, "Our core brands and new product initiatives performed very well with revenue growth for the quarter pretty balanced between our MARVEL business and all our other Hasbro business." All major product categories were up significantly, with growth driven by shipments of the MARVEL product line and other brands.

Noteworthy is Hasbro's results in international markets. Revenues increased 21% for the quarter to $176.2 million. The results reflect shipments of the MARVEL product line, as well as growth in core brands. Net revenues of $625.3 million, an increase of $157.1 million or 34% compared to $468.2 million a year ago

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Marvel License Impacts Hasbro
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