Marvel Comics
Silver Surfer # 1
By Kevin Scott
August 3, 2003 - 15:25

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Dan Chariton, Stacy Weiss
Penciller(s): Milx
Cover Artist(s): Joe Jusko

Well it's been a while since the Norrin Radd has been seen in this galaxy, but now after all this time he's come back home. This isn't your old Silver Surfer though, this is a new twist, a new view point. We're given the story as if it were a M. Night Shyamalan film. The BIG question, though……….can it work!?!

What do you get when you give a journalist and a screen writer the chance to run with a much loved character…………a pretty good story from all accounts? The story focuses on Denise Waters, a young mother trying to bring up her daughter Ellie in New Orleans. We're given a few hazy references to things but nothing is clear cut. This is not a story filled with subterfuge; the underlining presence of the story is the love a mother has for a daughter who is ill. At the end though, we are given an insight, into what, well, I guess issue two will fill us in. Denise might like to know sooner though, or is it too late!?!

The cover is nice, real nice. It's been a while since I've seen Joe Jusko work, but he hasn't lost a step.

When you open the book though, you'll get a surprise because the cover art is COMPLETELY different from the interior art! This is not a bad thing either. We're not given anything generic here. This is a fresh vision. The art is more in the vein of water coloured paintings than comic work. It switches between realism and hazed thoughts (very David Mack like). This style isn't perfect. It has a rough edge at times. No, it wouldn't work on books like Avengers or Sentinel, but it is the perfect match for the feel of this story.

If you're expecting to see Surfer on every page, big fights, explosions and the like………..stop! Readjust your focus because this is a different kinda story. It's not fast paced but it is a refreshing. If you're ready to surf a new kinda wave, pick this up.

Report Card – C (nice story, nice art. Refreshing & bold take on a much loved character)

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