DC Comics
Shadowpact # 4
By KoppyMcFad
August 21, 2006 - 03:48

DC Comics
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Penciller(s): Steve Scott, Wayne Faucher
Cover Artist(s): Steve Scott


A special issue showing a day in the life of Blue Devil. We discover he is a nice guy who is well-liked by his neighbors despite his devilish appearance. Too bad a monster and a pair of demons show up to make trouble for him. It is a fairly entertaining story which is reminiscent of those in Blue Devil's own title years ago. It just lacks a little of the screwball humour and Hollywood color that made those adventures so memorable. But then again, DC doesn't do humour anymore does it? The weird dialogue of the two demons is rather distracting and the rest of the Pact are almost invisible but those are the only major flaws. The art is surprisingly light-hearted despite the supernatural conflict. This works well for the comedy part but slightly diffuses the impact of the action and occult portions.

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