DC Comics
Shadowpact # 2
By Koppy McFad
June 25, 2006 - 04:56

DC Comics
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Penciller(s): Bill Willingham
Inker(s): Bill Willingham
Cover Artist(s): Bill Willingham

The Shadowpact, a team of magical superheroes, goes to a town imprisoned by a group of magical supervillains who appear to be their opposite numbers. The good guys face off with their counterparts but are soon outclassed, leaving the lives of the townsfolk in mortal peril. The art is detailed and good-looking, almost like the pages of a well-done children's book. But the story seems rather stiff. This is suppose to be a classic superteam battle yet most of the encounters are oddly, rather bloodless affairs that leave the pact looking like a bunch of amateurs who talk too much and can't fight very well. We know from the DAY OF VENGEANCE miniseries that Willingham can put the Shadowpact through some exciting adventures. Hopefully, we will see more of that in future issues.

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