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Computer Animation Festival Expanded at Siggraph
By The Editor
January 1, 2009 - 17:25

In response to a successful expanded format in 2008, the SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival will again be open to the public and feature a comprehensive collection of juried and invited screenings that will showcase the most recent advances in computer-generated imagery. In addition, the Festival will feature presentations and panels that focus on the art, science, and technology that are used to create the latest advances in production and projection of digital cinema and visualizations. The festival is also expanding its general call for submissions to include Visual Music and Real-Time Rendering.

Submissions for Real-Time Rendering are encouraged to highlight work produced interactively using real-time game engines that push the boundaries of what users and viewers have come to expect in all fields where real-time rendering is used: games, medicine, astrophysics, and more. The Visual Music focus aims to present work that spans visual music culture from the academic vision of Visual Music to the more urban pop culture vision of music combined with visuals such as music video. Live or captured DJ performances will be considered as well. Artworks that combine music and images into a captivating multi-sensory experience are encouraged. Deadline for all submissions is 4 March 2009 (22:00 UTC/GMT).

"SIGGRAPH continues to be the place to showcase the latest technical achievements and innovations in animations and computer graphics," stated Carlye Archibeque, SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival Executive Producer from Sony Pictures Imageworks. "Real time engines and visuals that interact with music are creating some of the most amazing graphics available today. Incorporating a larger focus on music and real-time rendering in animation will make the Festival a truly comprehensive example of the computer graphics industry and provide a stage for some of the world's best work."

Expected to be one of the highlights of the Computer Animation Festival, the Evening Theater (ET), will run Monday through Thursday, showcasing a cross section of the “best of” juried and invited films. In order to allow attendees flexibility in their schedule, the times when the juried and the invited best of screenings will alternate each night. The films will be chosen based on the voting of a jury of industry experts. “We are excited to add a new twist to the competition screenings based on feedback from the past year that combines the flexibility of the programming with the need of the attendees to have a designated screening that showcases the best of the best,” Archibeque added.

Juried content will be featured during the daily screenings with attendees able to choose from several time choices based on their schedule preference. The daytime Competition and Invited Screenings will be genre-focused based on the film category (narrative animation, real time, research, etc). Plus, a special “Jury Chair” Reel will be showcased that will feature the favorite pieces of the 2009 Jury Chair, Miles Perkins from Industrial Light & Magic.

In addition, this year, the Computer Animation Festival has a special invited focus on Multicultural Representations and Visualizations as part of its Invited Content program. The goal is to include works of all genres of animation, games, visual effects, and storytelling that display a multicultural vision. SIGGRAPH welcomes input for works to include in this program, contact Carlye Archibeque directly with suggestions. Curation for this focus will continue through late spring 2009.

Plus, creative, scientific and technical presentations, and discussions on the process of creating films, behind-the-scenes developments, virtual tools, production-related art, and related subjects will be offered as presentations and panels throughout the Computer Animation Festival. Retrospectives and documentaries about computer graphics visionaries and their tools will also be featured.

Detailed information on submission categories and important deadlines for film submissions can be found at For information regarding how to submit for Real-Time Rendering pieces visit

For complete information on SIGGRAPH 2009 or to download a copy of the SIGGRAPH 2009 Preview Video visit

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