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A backstage exclusive in the world of animation
By The Editor
June 10, 2010 - 14:41

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Patrick Beaulieu, Animation Artistic Director at Ubisoft Quebec City, launches his first 3D animation collection book Animation Insiders. A rich and complete work of knowledge sharing, this collection of testimonials gives a lot of tricks and hints as well as anecdotes from renowned animators at  Dreamworks, Blue Sky and  Pixar, to name a few. The book is now available worldwide on

“Gathering all these people from all over the world and putting together all of these testimonials was a lot of work, says Patrick Beaulieu, but the result gives us a privileged vision on what is going on back stage in animation. Each collaborator had a clean slate to share his experiences, works, methodologies, philosophy, etc…. even if some aspects are more technical, Animation Insiders remains open to a wide audience, from the animation fan boy to the experienced animator. Everyone passionate about animation, movies and video games will find himself in this book, he will also find details and insides about his favorite animation movies or games” he adds.

You will find testimonials, visuals and illustrations from 13 renowned animators such as:

Jason Ryan (USA, Dreamworks, Shrek 4)

Andrew Gordon (USA, Pixar, Nemo)

Jason Martinsen (USA, Animation Mentor, Ice Age)

Jason Schleifer  (USA, Dreamworks, LOTR)

Anthea Kerou (USA, Dreamworks, Bolt)

Victor Navone  (USA, Pixar, The Incredibles)

Ana Maria Alvarado (USA, Sony Image Works, Spiderman)

Mike Nguyen (USA, Rainplace, Iron Giant)

Pedro Blumenbaum  (Spain, Nocturna)

Pablo Navarro  (Spain, Nocturna)

Emilio Ghorayeb (Canada, New Breed VFX, Madagascar)

Matt Stangio (USA, Pixar, Toys Story 3)

Reno Armanet (France, Tigobo Animation)

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A backstage exclusive in the world of animation
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