DC Comics
Plastic Man # 20
By Koppy McFad
February 11, 2006 - 03:35

DC Comics
Writer(s): Kyle Baker
Penciller(s): Kyle Baker
Inker(s): Kyle Baker
Colourist(s): Kyle Baker
Cover Artist(s): Kyle Baker

The final issue takes satiric jabs at the whole INFINITE CRISIS storyline and the general tone of DC comics nowadays. Billy Batson is killed, Plas and his adopted family battle Ra's al-Ghul and Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman show up for absolutely no reason at all. Comic fanboys will laugh themselves silly over this parody although those who haven't been following the whole-Crisis event may be left a bit mystified. The art is wonderful all throughout, with Baker proving he can do serious stuff-- and that he can make the serious stuff funny. Sadly, the story simply ends like a normal Plastic Man tale. It would have been nice to get some sort of farewell. Or even better, some indication that Plastic Man and Kyle Baker will still be active in DC comics in the near future.

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