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Oni Press Brings Back the Letters Page
By The Editor
December 12, 2007 - 07:37


Oni Press is Resurrecting their letters columns for RESURRECTION!

The premier issue of Marc Guggenheim & David Dumeer’s series, Resurrection, was just released.  This is a book that everybody at Oni is thrilled about and they are looking for a fun interactive way for fans and readers to contribute to the series.  As part of this new series, they are launching a new letters column called “Bug Watch” and are giving out free comics to all those who get published in the “Bug Watch” column and free original art to the best letter every month!

Here is what the series is about:

In the tradition of such timeless science fiction films like The Day the Earth Stood Still and War of the Worlds, Resurrection is the story of an alien race come to conquer. But while those classic tales focus on the invasion, Resurrection starts when those stories end.

After years of conflict, the aliens are gone and the planet is safe… or is it? Who and what were the aliens?  Why did they come here?  Who ended the war? How did they do it? Where do we go from here?  What do we do now?  Will we ever be able to recover?  What does this mean for our societies, or religions, and our future way of life?

Written by Marc Guggenheim (Wolverine) and drawn by David Dumeer, Resurrection is a sweeping epic that focuses on uncovering the secrets of humanity’s survival and its attempts to rebuild after the most destructive cataclysm mankind has ever experienced.

Here is what critics are saying so far:

“From both creative aspects, the writing and the art, this is a solidly put together book.” – Ain’t It Cool News

“This is a fantastic first issue…” –

“I was pretty surprised by how much I liked Resurrection. It has some nice character depth to it, and by telling this story, it gives the writer the chance to genuinely say something about our current society as well (as good sci-fi should). There are a number of strong plots put into motion here, and I found myself interested in every one of them.” – Comics Waiting Room

Tell Oni what you like.  Offer up some criticism.  If you have ever wondered what happened after the curtains closed on all those old alien invasion films you have seen, write Oni a letter.  Let your imagination run wild.

As part of this book’s launch, Oni wanted to highlight the letters column, “Bug Watch,” and encourage readers to write in.  As an incentive to people who may be reluctant to write letters, here is what they are prepared to offer:

For every letter that gets printed in Resurrection, they’ll mail a free copy of the next issue to the letter-writer.  In addition to this, the’ll be featuring one “Letter of the Month” with each issue.  If your letter is chosen for this feature, they’ll send you a copy of Resurrection #1 that is autographed by both Marc Guggenheim and David Dumeer.  Not only that, but they’ll also send you a custom piece of original art by series artist, David Dumeer.

That’s right, folks… free comics and original art for your letters.

Send your letters and comments to


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