News Pop! 02/05/07
By Eli Green
February 5, 2007 - 23:59


What's a Gwab?

This has to be one of the most interesting and innovative ideas we've seen for a PC game in quite some time. Currently under development at Cambrian House, the world's leading crowdsourced software community, and Hothead Games, also currently collaborating on the Penny Arcade game project, Gwabs is an online desktop to desktop fighting game. Aside from weapons which you would commonly find in fighting games, Gwabs actually utilizes the desktop interface, meaning players will be able to use their taskbars, windows and icons against their opponents too. The game will also be compatible with Skype and Google Earth, allowing players to trash talk each other and find other players around the world. Characters will be customizable, along with their moves, there will be a leaderboard, tournaments and even points. The game is currently in beta and is set for release within the next couple of months. Gwabs will be available for Windows XP based PCs and is not yet rated. For more information on the game itself, you can check out To learn more about Cambrian House or Hothead Games, go to or


New Nintendo games

There are some new Virtual Console games on the market this week, and more coming next week. Wii Play will also be releasing next week, along with a free Wii Remote packed in. This week's Virtual Console titles are Gain Ground, originally from Sega Genesis, Super Mario World, originally from SNES, and VIGILANTE, originally from TurboGrafx 16. We're actually really excited about the upcoming release of Wii Play here in North America, and it's not just because of the packed in Wii Remote, but because we really want to see how the shooting range game plays. Sure, there are eight other games that you can play in it, but the shooting range is what's really going to do it for us. DS and Game Boy Advance owners will also have some things to look forward to this week. Diddy Kong Racing DS and Final Fantasy VI will both be releasing this week.

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