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Aniplex, Anime News Network and Pop Japan Travel join forces to offer trips to Japan!
By The Editor
November 18, 2010 - 07:15

Aniplex / Anime News Network / Pop Japan Travel

In recognition of the simulcast of the Aniplex anime titles Oreimo and togainu no chi ~Bloody Curs~ on Anime News Network (ANN), Aniplex of America, ANN, and Pop Japan Travel (PJT) have teamed up to offer Oreimo and togainu no chi fans something very special: the chance to win one of two trips to Japan!

The simulcast of Oreimo and togainu no chi were first announced by Aniplex and ANN earlier this fall and give fans the chance to view two of Japan's hottest new anime series right after they are first broadcast in Japan. As a way of saying "thanks" to the anime fans that tune in to the simulcasts, viewers will be able to participate in a contest to win one of two trips to Japan courtesy of Pop Japan Travel, the leader in Pop Culture tours to Japan.

The contest details can only be accessed by watching the two series on ANN. The prize for the winner of the Oreimo contest will be a trip to Japan on PJT's Tokyo Anime Fair Tour in March 2011, while the winner of the togainu no chi contest will get to join the Fangirl Paradise Tour in May 2011.

“Being able to do something special like this for the viewers of our first simulcasts means a lot to us,” says ANN CEO Christopher Macdonald. “We’re very happy to team up with Aniplex and PJT to draw more attention to these great shows and to give two of our fans a wonderful and memorable experience.”

"To get to be a part of this project is a special honor for us," says PJT Director of Operations Gigi Guiting. "We're looking forward to having more anime fans experience all the sights, sounds, and attractions Japan has to offer!"

New episodes of Oreimo and togainu no chi ~Bloody Curs~ stream every week at http://www.animenewsnetwork. com/. ANN is offering a free stream of both shows, in addition to a high-quality video stream for a reasonable subscription fee. Both regular viewers and subscribers are eligible to participate in the contests. People interested in learning more about the Tokyo Anime Fair Tour, the Fangirl Paradise Tour, or the other tours offered by Pop Japan Travel can visit or e-mail for more information.

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