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Intergalactic Nemesis #2
By Philip Schweier
May 15, 2010 - 19:18

The Robot Planet
Writer(s): Jason Neulander
Penciller(s): Tim Doyle
Inker(s): Tim Doyle
Colourist(s): Lee Dunig
Letterer(s): Doug Dlin
Cover Artist(s): Tim Doyle

Intergalactic Nemesis #2: Enter Stranger picks up our serial as Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Molly Sloan and her assistant Timmy Mendez are in Scotland at Castle Kradmoor. Their encounter with mesmerist Mysterion the Magnificent has taken a turn for the worse. The bogus stage magician is in possession of a machine that will turn its victims into mindless slaves, and our heroes are rescued (in the nick of time, of course) by the very man who saved their butts in Transylvania (see issue #1). It seems he is a great deal than meets the eye, with super-scientific gadgets that are quite literally out of this world.

I may be biased, being a fan of pulps and old timey derring-do, but the writing here is top notch, given to the fun of Saturday morning serials. Sure, the Nazis speaking broken English is a cliché bordering on stereotype, but this is comics, folks. Let’s not take any of it too seriously. Torture chambers, escapes from moving trains, pursued by the bad guys; it’s all popcorn fun.

Some might think the art to be a little crude, but I find it just a question of style. The storytelling techniques espoused by many professionals might be used in full-force, nevertheless the combination of the elements of the plot and art direction are no less effective. In most instances, it’s as polished as anything else on the market. What really helps the art, though, is the coloring, which offers a fuller dimension and a more robust texture. My only complaint is that each sequence in this story seems to have it’s own color palette, which may be by design. Personally, it’s not to my liking, but I understand it.

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