Marvel Comics
Mystique # 4
By Kevin Scott
August 3, 2003 - 13:43

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Brian K Vaughan
Penciller(s): Jorge Lucas
Cover Artist(s): Joseph Michael Linsner

Well I think everyone knows who Mystique is right. Real Name; Raven Darkholme, Mystique is a metamorph, able to change shape into anyone she's seen. She can modify the transformation somewhat, and even change only a part of herself and her natural skin colour is blue. She has two kids………Nightcrawler & Rogue. She is also the former leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Freedom Force, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and member of X-Factor. Mostly she has spent her time as a terrorist. So why would Xavier work with her?

Brian Vaughan is becoming one of the stand out comic writers around right now. He has an ability to craft a story that is compelling and will bring you back for the next issue. His pacing and characterisation are just right and his use of action is to help highlight a story, not the lack of.

Mystique is in Cuba completing a mission. Not only does she have to contend with the "Brigada de Respuesta Rapida" (undercover military), but also the fact that Xavier has put a restriction on her………she has been forbidden from ever again taking life, human or otherwise. So how can she succeed? It's little things like this that Vaughan uses to throw the story on it's head and spring surprises on us.

Like all the other Tsunami titles the colours are bold and bright in this book, but they are dark when needed to capture the mood of the story. Jorge Lucas got skills. His pencils are great. He can really capture emotion in his renditions.

If you're looking for an espionage story featuring everyone's favourite metamorph that has great pacing and cliff-hangers and will keep you're wondering, then you need Mystique in your life!

Report Card - C+ (Not as great as the first three issues, but still a cut above most. Definitely a standout book)

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